Advertising Jobs

The advent of media and introduction of a new medium, the Internet, have given advertising sector a complete makeover. As a result, a variety of advertising jobs are now available for interested candidates, some of which are listed below.

Account Servicing

The account servicing department is responsible for dealing at the client’s end. They directly interact with the clients, understand their requirements, convey their messages to the creative department and start the brainstorming session. The account servicing representatives are responsible for maintaining client relationships, managing client accounts, ensuring timely payments and getting new businesses for the agency. An ideal candidate would be with knowledge and experience in sales and marketing and advertising.

The account servicing representative is required to come up with the first advertising idea and once his/her idea is approved by the client(s), he coordinates with the creative department to design the final advertisement.

Research Department

The research department is responsible for studying market trends. They would analyze the potentials of each media and accordingly devise the best strategy to run the advertising campaign for the client. They will also study the market and advertising strategies of the competitors. They are also required to decide about the best medium to publish and run the advertising campaign.

The research department often hires market researchers and consumer behavioral analysts who collect market data, analyze them and prepare reports based on which the advertising strategies are decided. They may conduct market research before and after an advertising campaign to measure its success.

Creative Department

The creative department is the backbone of an advertising agency. It may contain several departments like copywriters and editors, illustrators, artists and art directors, photographers, graphic designers, animators etc. The department is responsible for designing the most creative advertising campaign for the client. Candidates with a creative bent of mind are recruited to fill up the positions in the creative department of the advertising agencies.
Educational backgrounds of ideal candidates are:

  • Degree or diploma in Mass Communication or Advertising
  • Degree in Drawing and Painting
  • Degree in Fine Arts
  • Graphic designing and animation
  • Web designing
  • Film making
  • Photography (still and video)

Meda Buying

The media buying department is responsible for buying spaces for the advertisement in different media. They are the people equipped with the knowledge to choose the best media for a particular advertisement.

Good relationships with the media houses are therefore prerequisites for the position. The media buying manager is required to secure the best space (or slot in case of electronic media) for the advertisement to appear and at the best rate. They are also required to determine the duration for the advertisement campaign to run on media. The profit margin of the advertising agency depends upon his negotiation skills.
The desirable candidates are required to possess:

  • Good communication skills
  • Convincing power
  • Negotiating ability
  • An MBA degree in marketing may be preferred for this category

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