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Airline Jobs on Offer

In Canada the major airline jobs on offer are manager of marketing communications, administration assistant, flight services associate, lounge agent and completions CAD/PDM administrator.

In Singapore there are three levels where airline jobs are being provided airline ground positions, cabin crew and pilots. In United Kingdom the major airline jobs on offer are marketing analyst and B2 engineers.

In the USA the major airlines jobs on offer are customer service agent, customer service supervisor, fleet service agent and shift manager. There are some other areas as well such as accounting, customer relations, finance, human resources, in flight services and legal areas. In Australia Blackhawk or Seahawk AMEs are needed on an urgent basis.

Profile of Airline Jobs

As manager of marketing communications in Canada the candidate would need to work in the Middle East region. As flight services associate they would need to work at more than a single region. As completions CAD/PDM administrator the applicants would need to work in Switzerland. As administration assistant the candidate would be required to work in East Sussex area. Candidates for the post of lounge agent would have to work in South Africa.

For airline employment, the candidates for the posts in airline ground positions in Singapore would be provided with salary packages that are in line with their qualification and experience. Apart from this, they would also be provided with wage supplements on a yearly basis as well as bonus, which is basically a share in the profits. They would also be provided discounts and free travel opportunities in their respective airlines in addition to dental and medical benefits and insurance.

As a marketing analyst in UK the candidates would need to operate in the marketing sector. The candidates for B2 engineers need to be working in areas like licensed maintenance base and licensed maintenance line. Their salaries would be paid on the basis of their experience. The Blackhawk or Seahawk AMEs would be provided with salaries ranging from $50,000 to $55,000. They would be provided with 15 percent allowances.

Career Prospects of Airline Jobs

With the airline ground positions jobs in Singapore the candidates would receive training periodically. This training, it is expected, would help them sail into the further stages of their professional careers. The AMEs in Australia are to be provided with training that would help them later on in their professional careers.

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