Jobs in Algeria

Algeria is a country that has undergone a transition from a pastoral phase to an industrial phase. As such new opportunities for jobs are brewing up regularly. With 33 million inhabitants, Algeria is progressing fast and it is developing in the field of occupation, health and safety standards. Following the government's policy for educating the mass, around 78% of the inhabitants are literate and there is a high demand for employment in the country.

Catering to the demands, new sectors are being introduced in Algeria so that these sectors can increase the country's revenue apart from agricultural fields.The sectors that are blossoming in Algeria with a high rate of employment are oil industry, building and construction, engineering, teaching, hotel and management sectors.
As new vacancies are opening up at a rapid pace, there is an increasing need of restructuring the HR policies in Algeria and to hold the pace, several placement consultants have also started operating in the country. This page explores the possibilities of different types of jobs in Algeria and delivers you the updated information about them. So if you are wishing to secure jobs in Algeria, you can have a detailed description of the available jobs in Algeria through this page. All you need to do is to stay with us.

In Algeria the general working hours is 37.5 hours per week, with 10 minutes break and 1 hour lunch per day. Employees are paid overtime in case they work more than the stipulated hour. The Algerian government is making conscious efforts for improving work conditions. Candidates are also coming from other countries in search of better job prospects in Algeria. However, the number of overseas candidates is still less.

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