HR Policies in Algeria

As Algeria is developing fast, new job vacancies are coming up on a regular basis. Due to these new job openings, new employees are also being recruited . But the major issue in Algeria is to retain this staff for the respective companies. In order to yield remarkable productivity in these areas, the government of Algeria has reformed its previous HR policies. This is mainly because it is of utmost necessity to create a soothing work environment for the employees. Not only that if the employees are not given proper advantages and decent wages the staff would not find any interest to work for the companies, but also if they get better opportunities then they would migrate to other countries for better prospects.

Keeping all these factors in mind the new HR policies in Algeria are restructured. The principal features of these HR policies are discussed in detail in this page. If you are interested to know about what kinds of HR policies are operating in Algeria,please remain with us.

Some of the chief features of HR policies are listed here.

  • Revised working hours
  • Decent pay package
  • Off at weekends
  • Payment for overtime
  • Healthy work environment
  • No gender discriminations
  • Security for staffs

Primarily the Algerian government has reduced the working hours for employees and the new working hours are set as per international standards. The present working hour in Algeria is 37.5 hours a week . The employees are paid decently so that they don't have the feeling that they are exploited in the work place. There are arrangements for leaves and generally the employees enjoy 2 days off during the week ends. In case the employees are subjected to do overtime they are paid for it.

Previously in Algeria there were some restrictions imposed upon working women but at present it is ensured by the Algerian government that no such discriminations should prevail in the country . Therefore working women in Algeria at present are not facing such problems. Last but not the least, the Algerian government is also looking for providing securities for workers in the work place.

Hope these infos have helped you to get an idea about HR policies in Algeria,you can visit if you have any more queries.

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