IT jobs in Algeria

In the last few decades Algeria has seen a considerable growth in her economy and the GDP. Renovation of the policies, plans and introduction of the Information Technology, Algerian government has succeeded in bringing down the unemployment rate considerably. The export, foreign trade, agricultural, mineral and fishing sectors of Algeria has boomed further with the coming of Information Technology. Besides the economical growth the inhabitants have also experienced augmentation of IT jobs in Algeria.
Usage of IT has become an integral portion of each and every sector, hence companies are absorbing IT professionals at a large scale. Algeria’s financial benefit in the last few years has improvised her IT infrastructure; hereby developing all the sectors connected to it. Scroll down and check the below sections to get a better perspective about the prerequisites to get IT jobs in Algeria.

Qualification: Aspirants applying for the respective job should possess a Bachelor Degree in either electrical Engineering or Computer Science or Computer Engineering. Master Degree holders in the respective field are preferred. Candidates applying for the technical posts must acquire excellent technical knowledge whereas superior executives should possess managerial degrees and skills apart from technical expertise. Work permit of Algeria is mandatory before commencing the work.

Posts offered: Different companies offer varied posts to the skillful IT professionals. Some of the positions are listed below:

1. Technical Advisor
2. Software Programmer
3. Database Administrator
4. Technical Support Engineer
5. Consulting & Integration Project Manager
6. IT Operation Manager
7. Solution Architect
8. System Engineer
9. Web Designer
10. Software Developer and so forth

Work experience: Relevant work experience in the related field is a must for the IT professionals. For the junior posts generally 2-4 years of experience is required whereas for superior posts it increases to almost 5-7 years.

Other requirements: Apart from the qualifications, technical knowledge and expertise is mandatory. Leadership qualities, analytical, interpersonal and good communication skills are an added benefit for the candidates.

Working hours: Generally speaking the IT professionals in Algeria work for 37.5 hours per week with an hour lunch break. However no specific working hour is mentioned by the IT companies.

Pay scale: The pay scale has not been specified by the Information Technology companies’ of Algeria. However, it’s evaluated on the basis of the employee’s qualification, technical expertise and job profile.

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