Teaching Jobs in Algeria

One of the most demanding job sectors in Algeria is teaching. As the country is fast progressing, there is a policy taken by the government to spread education among the mass. Following this policy, the number of students in schools, universities and adult education centers are on the rise.

So at present, teaching jobs in Algeria have become very popular as well as profitable. If you are interested in applying for teaching jobs in Algeria, then this is the right opportunity to fill up your application form.

Just up date yourself with the information provided in this page and feel confident to apply for teaching jobs in Algeria. In Algeria, about 97% boys and 91% girls attend school and the academic system is structured into basic, general secondary and technical secondary levels. The entire schooling system runs for nine years and generally children join in schools at the age of 6 and continue till 15. Algeria has ten universities and several technical colleges and about 350,000 students attend these colleges and universities. As the number of students is increasing, there is also an increasing demand for trained teachers in those institutions. Therefore, if you are visiting to secure a teaching job in Algeria start processing your applications now.

Educational qualification : Minimum qualification required for applying in this post is a Bachelor of Arts.

Other requirements : You should have a CELTA, TEFL certificate or equivalent. An experience in business English is a plus for the post. The candidates are required to be fluent in English and French.

The post is open for candidates applying from America, Australia, Canada, Europe and South Africa.

Work experience : There is no requirement for prior work experience. So freshers can apply for the post.

Pay scale: The pay scale is not specified by the recruiters. But there are arrangements for free accommodation, paid air tickets and you can learn Arabic for free.

Other benefits : You will enjoy working in a friendly environment and the motivated students will give you complete job satisfaction. Staying in Algeria will give you a chance to visit Sahara, the biggest desert of the world.

Working hours : Details about working hours is not mentioned by the institutions for the moment.

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