Jobs in Canberra

Canberra is the capital of Australia and the city has a population of over 332,000. It is Australia's largest inland city. Although the growth and development of Canberra were much affected by the World Wars and the Great Depression, however it recuperated and emerged as a throbbing city after World War II. After the disastrous years several industries have invested in Canberra so jobs in Canberra have a very ripe field.

Since 2006, the unemployment rate in Canberra has fallen sharply to a 2.8% which is well below the national unemployment rate ( that recorded 4.8% ). In the present decade Canberra is experiencing labor shortages in some sectors. A large amount of Australian and foreign visitors contribute to a considerable extent in the tourism sector. Other major sectors that bring a large amount of revenue to the city of Canberra are information and technology, property and business services, construction, health and community services, and education . For more information on jobs in Canberra continue to be with us.

This page makes an attempt to give you all the details about availability of jobs in Canberra. It should be kept in mind that Canberra has the highest average income than any Australian capital city. The total average weekly salary of a person residing in Canberra is $1,208.50. So if you are searching a job in Canberra you have ample scope to make your career prosperous.

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