Jobs in Darwin

Darwin is the capital city of the northern territory of Australia. As one of the capital cities it is one of the developed cities in Australia. There are different sectors where a large number of people are employed but the two largest economic sectors are mining and tourism. A large number of jobs in Darwin are available in these two sectors. But there are other sectors such as accounting, health care, engineering, teaching etc in which lot of people are employed. Tourism alone employs around 8% of the total population of Darwin. Moreover different construction projects are coming up in the country for which the engineering jobs in Darwin has also grown in large numbers in the recent times. A large number of people are interested to take up jobs in Darwin because language is not a problem here as people generally use English. Moreover good contract laws people feel secured about their jobs. Good transport facilities has also led to the growth of the job market in the city.

The labor laws and regulations have received a face lift in the recent times. There has been different attempts to increase the standard of professional training so that the professionally qualified work force can meet the demands of the employers. The pays and perks have also improved in the recent years.

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