Hotel jobs in Australia

Tourism has always been one of the most profitable sectors of Australia; however, in the last two decades it has growth further by leaps and bounds. Knowing that tourism plays an important role in elevating the country’s economy, the government has been attempting, through beneficial policies and plans, to facilitate the sector to grow rapidly. Visitors flock to Australia in large scale because of her natural beauty, greenery and the exotic beaches. This has further accelerated the growth rate of upcoming hotels and restaurants in the country. International hotels and hotel jobs in Australia, because of there international chains, have increased and diversified to a great extent. Apart from the lucrative salaries and luxurious lifestyle, hotel employees are offered loads of scope to improvise their expertise and pursue better career prospects. To know more about how you can utilize your skills in the hotel jobs in Australia, scroll and take a look at the following segments.

Qualification: Candidates are required to hold at least the bachelor's degree in Hotel Management. A master's degree holder is preferred. Generally for specific posts, specialized degree like marketing, human resource, catering, finance and so forth are required. For working in an Australian hotel, one must possess the work permit.

Posts offered: The numerous hotels in Australia offer various posts to the aspirants depending on their qualifications and experience. Some of the positions are listed below:
  • Restaurant Supervisor
  • Catering Officer
  • Hotel Manager
  • Food & Beverage Attendants
  • Front Office Receptionist
  • Event Administrator
  • Customer Service Consultant
  • Financial Analyst
  • Human Resource Executive
  • Assistant Executive Housekeeper and so forth

Work experience: In almost all the hotel candidates with relevant experience in the hospitality sector are preferred. However, the working experience is not specified in terms of years.

Other requirements: Pleasant personality and good look makes it easier to get hotel jobs in Australia. Aspirants with excellent communication skill, leadership and customer service quality and marketing expertise is desirable. Knowledge about the basic etiquettes is mandatory.

Working hours: Australian hotel professionals normally have to work for 8-9 hours/day with an hour’s lunch break. However, depending on the work pressure the timing can be stretched. In addition, the work schedule is generally decided by the hotel authorities.

Pay scale: Salary has not been clearly specified by the hotel managements. However, the pay scale is evaluated on the basis of the candidate’s job profile and work experience. Additional benefits, bonuses and overtime pays are added to the salaries.

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