HR Policies in Australia

In the continent of Australia HR policies are structured as per international standards to attract large number of employees from far and wide. Previously working hours in Australia was less, almost on an average, 28 hours per week. With the passage of time,the working hour has been extended and presently the average working hour is 37.5 hours per week. The employees start their work at 8.30 am or 9.30 am depending upon the respective companies. The entire day's work gets over at 4.30 pm or 5.30 pm. The prominent HR policies in Australia are discussed here for your convenience. If you are interested in working in Australia , then it is important for you to browse this page. So stay with us.

1. Flexible working hours
2. Flexible remuneration package.
3. Specified probationary period
4. Opportunities for promotion
5. Equal employment opportunities
6. Leave facilities
7. Ensuring safe systems of work.
8. Aboriginal laws

The Australian government has ensured flexible working hours and flexible pay packages to attract workers from all over the world. For the benefit of the working staffs the probationary period is made specific so that the employees don't face elongated probationary period. There are ample opportunities for promotion of the employees in order to encourage them in the work place.

There are no discriminatory policies in the work place so as to de-moralize the staff. Various leave facilities are available for workers and the respective companies always ensure that a healthy and safe work environment is prevalent in the work places to motivate the staff and also to protect the worker from potential hazards. Special HR policies are structured for the aboriginals in the country.

Other than these policies the Australian government has ensured that there should not be any gender discriminations in the work place so that women workers don't have to experience any inequality in the work place. Moreover each and every company has formed a complaint cell. In case of any kind of harassment you can lodge a complain against the offender in this cell. Appropriate actions are taken immediately by the respective companies following the allegations.

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