IT Jobs in Australia

The information technology sector of Australia has experienced a boom in the recent years with the improvement in the infrastructure and the economic growth of the country. The IT sector contributes a major share in the country’s economy and GDP. The government has been improvising the infrastructure and educational system to promote the usage of the upgraded technology in all other sectors of the country. Australia’s world-class information technology sector is taking the country and her people to a new horizon. Emergence of numerous trained and well-skilled IT professionals every year is building the sector even more powerful. Apart from the inhabitants, even the expatriates are gaining a lot from the lucrative IT jobs Australia. The sections below would provide you a better perspective and knowledge regarding the IT jobs in Australia.

Qualification: With the primary level academic education, a candidate should hold a bachelor's degree in either Computer Science or Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering. A master degree holder is preferred. Additional certifications and technical skills are required by the IT companies. Executives applying for the superior positions must possess managerial skills with the technical expertise. Apart from all this, it's mandatory for the aspirants to possess work right visas in Australia.

Posts offered: The IT sector of Australia offers a wide array of jobs to skillful and professional workers. Check out some of the available posts:

  • Java Developer
  • Systems Analyst
  • SAP IP Consultant
  • Software Engineer
  • Web Developer
  • Network Engineer
  • Database Manager
  • Technical Writer
  • XRPM Consultant
  • Programmer and so forth

Work experience: In IT industry experience holds an important position. For junior posts a minimum of 3-5 years of work experience is required. However, in case of the superior posts an experience of 7-10 years in the IT industry is essential.

Other requirements: Apart from academic qualifications, a candidate is expected to possess excellent technical expertise and knowledge. Good English communication skill and leadership quality is preferred.

Working hours: The working hours for the employees depend largely on the type of industry, respective company and the job profile. Generally in a white-collar work, excluding overtime, employees have to work for 8-9 hours/day with an hour’s lunch break. However, timing for the factory workers is longer.

Pay scale: Pay scale for IT professionals depends largely on the job profile and the company. The salary is not specified by the IT companies; however, its one of the more lucrative jobs in Australia. In addition, salaries come with exclusive bonuses, profitable overtime pays and other benefits.

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