Management Jobs in Australia

Australia holds ample opportunities in terms of management careers, over the number of years many potential and international students have pursued management as a study and profession in Australia, and their number is still increasing year by year. With its active economy and industry Australia is becoming a land of opportunity for management jobs.

Management jobs in Australia are making their economy prosperous. Skill laborers in individual trades like manufacturing, finance, information technology and other business and commercial services etc specially those related to management are in high demand in Australia. In return for your high managerial skill, experience and expertise, you can surely expect a rewarding return from it.

Many Australian universities offer Management in Business Administration(M.B.A) and that could be the perfect way to develop your growth in management/managerial skill and to gain first hand entry in the lucrative management profession in Australia. The mature economy and ample management jobs have increased employment opportunities in Australia. Industries in Australia are running very successfully, making Australia one of the front runners in the healthy running of industry. Lists of few major companies in Australia are given below:

  • Denton Corker Marshall
  • Fender Katsalidis Architects
  • Bates Smart

  • Australian Motor Industries
  • Ford Performance Vehicles
  • Mitsubishi Motors Australia
  • Macquarie Bank
  • National Australia Bank
  • Adelaide Bank
  • Reserve Bank of Australia
  • Austar
  • Becker Entertainment
  • Foxtel
  • Freehand Group
  • Intencity
  • Furphy and Sons
  • Telectronics
  • Enzie Stairs
Oil and gas :
  • Northern Territory Oil
  • Pan Pacific Petroleum NL
  • Santos Ltd.
  • Woodside Petroleum
Australia, with its beautiful beaches, landscapes and healthy working culture and practice, will give an opportunity to grow and mature in your profession. If you are planing to tap the lucrative management jobs in Australia, then just roll down the page:

Post offered:
With its healthy industry/company, you can find a number of management jobs like:
  • Sr. Project manager (Software/IT)
  • Market manager(Industry)
  • Market manager(Auto)
  • Market manager(Branding)
  • Store manager (Retail)
  • Retail bank branch manager
  • Administrator manager

Unspecified, but a degree in management specially a master degree in business management in relevant fields like marketing, finance, retail, IT,in respective position. MBA is strongly prefered in some of the above posts.

working experience:
Unspecified, working experience for than 8 years in management/marketing/consulting required for some of the above posts.

Pay scale:
Unspecified, but normally management jobs fetch pretty attractive salaries. Retail bank managers get a salary of $55,000 - $70,000 per month, including other benefits. In the retail industry a average person earns $59,645, never the less applicant skills, qualification and the responsibility of the post/position along with the brand name of company, may also influence the pay scale.

Language required:
Fluent in English - both in verbal and written.

Other requirement:
If you are an overseas candidate, then check with your home town Australian consulate, for further detail on immigration and other working laws.

Other skills:
  • Ability to take responsibility
  • Strong managerial skills
  • Ability to communicate well with the customers/clients
  • Good presentation skills
  • Passion to excel in life

Management jobs in Australia are a significant contributor to their economy and society - making Australia one of the topmost performers in the whole world.

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