Jobs in Melbourne

Being the state capital of Victoria, jobs in Melbourne are ample. Melbourne is also a prominent center of cultural activity, industry and commerce. Three largest corporations of Australia BHP, Telstra, Billiton and the National Australia Bank are all settled here in Melbourne and many companies which are listed in the Australian stock exchange. The market for technology hub is also very big here.

Tourism also plays a principal part in their developing economy. With a superior economic infrastructure, jobs in Melbourne are contributing a significant part in the development of Melbourne. It is also home to some of the nation's oldest institutions like Law (1857), Engineering (1860), Medical (1862), Dental (1897) and Music (1891) etc. Melbourne is also considered as the sporting capital of Australia.

Melbourne with a prosperous economy, is equally attractive to more than a thousand skilled laborers who migrate here each year. Melbourne with its lucrative economic market and competitive advantage, is attracting major investments from all around the world. With its significant growth and development in industry and trade, jobs in Melbourne are getting very rewarding. In other words Melbourne has become a place for potential investments.

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