Jobs in Sydney

Sydney is the capital of the Australian state of New South Wales and also the biggest financial center of the country. Sydney is also the most populous city of Australia. For its geographical location Sydney is also called the "Harbour City" of Australia. The well flourished economy of Sydney is dominated by industries like manufacturing, property and business services, retail, tourism, health care and community services. As Sydney is the largest financial and corporate center in Australia, the rate of employment is maximum in the property and business services.

A large part of the country's capital are employed in various types of jobs in Sydney. The Reserve bank of Australia and the Australian Stock Exchange is in Sydney where the educated mass is employed various financial jobs. Accounting is the most common profession in the Australian capital and as the financial hub creates enormous opportunity for jobs in Sydney. The tourism industry of the Sydney is the most developed among all the states of the country. Sydney is noted for tourist destinations like the Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House, the wonderful beaches, bays, rivers and inlets. The capital city earns a huge amount of revenue from its tourism industry every year as millions of domestic and international tourists visit Sydney every year.

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