Teaching Jobs in Australia

Over the last few years, Australia has become a land of dynamic educational opportunity. Australia is preferred as a top teaching destination by many teaching professionals. In Australia schooling is compulsory between the ages of 6 and 17.

Australian educational structure is mainly divided into three levels, Primary (basic schooling), Secondary (secondary and high schools) and Tertiary education (colleges, universities, further and other technical education) while Pre-schooling is also there but it is not compulsory, beside there are other vocational educational and training (VET) are also available. Independent schools (secular and religious) in Australia charge fees but government schools offer education free of cost. With booming economy, teaching jobs in Australia are flourishing, over the numbers of years many teachers and academicians, from all over the world, have migrated to Australia, to pursue the lucrative teaching career. Teaching in Australia offers a competitive edge for your career development. It is becoming a perfect platform, where you can take your teaching career to a new high. In other words teaching jobs in Australia are becoming very rewarding opportunity specially for qualified teachers.

At Pre-primary level you have to teach children aged up to 5 years, similarly at primary school level students range around 4-12 years, while teaching at secondary level, you will get students aged around 11-18 years. While in some teaching jobs you are required to teach over a broad range of subjects, in some teaching positions you have to specialize in one particular area. There are other specialist schools such as performing arts, sports and high schools. If you are planning to make a teaching career in Australia, then the information furnished below regarding teaching jobs in Australia could be helpful for you:

Post offered: You will find a number of teaching vacancies in various subjects and in different educational departments (universities/schools) of Australia like:

  • Principal
  • Assistant principal(special education)
  • Head of department
  • Deputy principal
  • Principal
  • Head of special education services
  • Teacher-in-charge
  • Teacher librarian
  • Learning support teacher
  • Community teacher
  • Instrumental music instructor
  • Music teacher
  • English as a second language teacher
  • Reading Recovery teacher/tutor.
  • Physical education teacher(primary school)
  • Teacher(environmental studies)

Unspecified, but commonly you have to meet the requirements of the education department within the state/territory, along with the school or university for which you are applying.

Teaching positions available:
There are permanent, temporary, casual and contract,Casual/relief-teaching positions teaching positions are available in all subjects, all across Australia.

Working hour:
Unspecified, but normally depends on the individual timings and the schedule of the schools and universities.

Unspecified, but salary of a permanent teacher may go up to $33,000-$45,000 yearly, while teachers who have got experience of few years can earn $55,000-$70,000. More over the reputation of the school, responsibility of the teaching position and the skill and qualification of the applicant also influences the pay scale, never the less salary also differs in public and private schools.

Language required:
Fluent in English.

Unspecified, but longer the better.

When to apply for teaching jobs:
From the beginning of September to the next teaching year.

Other requirements:
Overseas or immigrant candidates have to check Austrian immigration law(s)

Other skills:
  • Must coordinate with the teaching board
  • Establish good communication with students
  • Deliver good/quality teaching
  • Ability to manage different range of student(s) skillfully.

Teaching jobs in Australia are very lucrative and rewarding profession, along with a quality professional exposure it will provide you with a comfortable life style.

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