Hotel Jobs in Austria

Austria enjoys one of the most pleasant environments and its hospitality industry is also growing. The number of hotel jobs in Austria has increased rapidly over the number of years. The hospitality industry has become a prime contributor and important player in the development of Austrian economy. Hospitality or tourism industry generates 20%of Austria's yearly export earnings .There are numbers of hotels, restaurants, resorts in Austria which are making country's income in billions. For more information on general detail of hotel jobs in Austria please check below:

Post offered- One can work as a:

  • Housekeeping lead.
  • Chef.
  • Guest Relation Officer.
  • Barman.
  • Waiter.
  • Kitchen Assistant.
  • Front House Manager.
  • General Manager etc.

Qualification- for an entry level position like waiter, barman, bell boy etc. no specific qualifications are required. For a managerial or higher positions a university degree along with a degree or diploma in management specially hotel management with relevant specialization like HR, cooking etc.

Work experience- depends on the type of positions. For lower positions freshers are entertained. For higher posts a minimum of 2-3 years of working experience in relevant field is required.
Other skills-knowledge of computers, responsibility to shoulder extra work, must have a plan B, ability to communicate with the guests, pro-active mentality and a problem solver. Must have a theoretical and practical knowledge of his/her work, open mind and team leadership with loyalty and discretion.

Language requirements- smooth and fluent in German and English, few more can be of great help.

Pay scale- Pay is very high and attractive, with other facilities like free fooding, lodging etc. a head chef can earn about 40,000 Euro per annum.

With its unforgettable beauty and scenery, the hotel jobs in Austria are very attractive and becoming an important competitor in the global market.

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