HR Policies in Austria

HR policies in Austria are playing an essential part in building up the development of the organizational structure of Austria. HR policies in Austria are aiming for a consistent growth for both the employees and the companies as a whole. The policies have been focused to upgrade flexibility and to reinforce individual performance. HR policies in Austria are playing a very essential role in building up the productivity of the worker. HR policies in Austria also keenly look after the proper operation of the company and the business and policies of the staff.

Austrian HR policies also target to consolidate the collective thinking in a commercial organization. Most companies, organizations or business firms, small, medium or large in Austria, formulate the HR policies in accordance with the Austrian labor laws. A brief review of HR policies in Austria is given below.

Recruitment policy- intake of skills and unskilled labor through proper procedure; conducting interviews to medical examinations; providing proper training to the new joinees and other training programmes from time to time; maintaining a favorable work condition in the office. HR policies try to avoid expenditure in the recruitment procedures.

Termination policy- HR policies want to keep old and skilled employee. In case of a termination from both the party a notice must be served. If he or she is not more than one year, notice must be given before 1 week of leaving/terminating .similarly between 1 and not more than 3 years, notice period of 2 weeks. Like wise more than 3 and less than 5 years, a notice period of 3 weeks and more than 5 years a notice period of 4 weeks.

Performance Appraisal policy-HR policies aim to increase individual performances. They are also specially designed to award individual performance by increasing increments, promotions, monetary and other awards etc.

Health and safety of the employee- the HR policies also looks towards the heath and safety of the workers by proving periodical health check-ups, setting up of health camps etc.

The HR policies are becoming very vital for development of Austrian organization. HR policies in Austria are keen to tap young and potential workers and so far have been very successful in maintaining a high degree of commitment.

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