Management Jobs in Austria

The economy of Austria is very well developed. Management jobs in Austria are playing very important roles in building a very successful economy and a strong labor movement. In the last few years, many companies have developed here which uphold Austria in the world market. Management jobs in Austria are very lucrative with significant growth and opportunity. If you are aspiring for a successful management career in Austria the following details will help you gain a clear perspective on management jobs in Austria:

Posts offered- Director, manager, logistics manager, HR manager, programme director, senior accounts or sales executive, business development manager, management trainee, accounts manager, HR director, corporate development officer, office manager, regional manager, regional sales manager, management consultant, financial manager and others.

Qualifications-For general or entry level positions usually a university degree is essential but for higher managerial positions a master degree in business management or studies is required along with specialization like finance, marketing, advertising etc.

Working experience- The work experience criteria usually varies from company to company. Higher the position the higher the working experience is demanded which may range from 5-7 years even.

Pay scale- For entry level the salary can be very low but it will certainly give you a very good working experience and job exposure. For experienced, the pay scale can reach 65-70,000 Euros along with bonus and other attractive benefits.

Working hours- As prescribed by the Austrian labor laws extra time may be demanded which may go from 40-45 hours per week.

Other qualities- The candidates are required to possess leadership quality, should have the drive to help to develop the organization, an eye for details, ability to work autonomously, farsightedness, ability to analyze a situation and come up with quick and effective solutions, entrepreneurial skill etc.

Management jobs in Austria offers one of the best working environments along with promotion and entrepreneurship, with the assurance of a great career and employment security.

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