Placement Consultants in Austria

Placement consultants in Austria are proving to be a major source in employing hundreds of applicants and desired candidates. Placement consultants in Austria have now become a key contributor in the keeping the percentage of unemployment very low. They have now become an easy and reliable option for both the employer and the employee for placement and recruitment.

Placement consultants in Austria vary from:
  • Specialized consultants – deals only with the placement or recruitment for specialized posts or positions, like Managerial, Nursing, Teaching etc.
  • General consultants- deals with the recruitment and placements in all positions from clerical to higher managerial positions. If you are an applicant or a company looking or trying for placement or recruitment, then the following structure of placement consultants in Austria will help you develop a brief idea about their function.

How they work for company- to avoid costs and maintain secrecy many companies prefer to hire placement consultants providing their requirements for particular vacancies. The placement consultants then advertise the name of the position with the desired profile and functions required without mentioning the name of companies in their magazine or mostly in their website. The placement consultants mention to either mail their resume through their e-mail addresses or the desired candidates may drop their profile at the consultant’s office. Potential candidates are then screened and selected for the advertised position(s) or post(s).

For applicant(s)-applicant(s) may drop in their resume. According to their profile or candidature and expectations, placement consultants provides them interviews and interviews calls in any organization if his/her resume matches with any organization and vice-versa.

Charges - after a successful recruitment or placements, both the recruiter and recruited have to pay a certain amount of money or commission as mentioned by the consultancy. Different placement consultants follow different type of payments for different service offered by them.

Registration charges- both the applicant and the company have a pay a minimum registration charges. A few consultants offer free service to freshers or students.

Placement consultants in Austria help countless people to accomplish their career goal and achievements.

Major placement consultants in Austria are:
  • Jobslide-
  • Austrian Confederation of Temporary Work Businesses
    Österreichischer Verband Zeitarbeit und Arbeitsvermittlung,
    Vza,Gardegasse 4
    A-1070 Wien
    Tel. +43 / (0) 1 / 523 20 00-0
    Fax +43 / (0) 1 / 523 43 70
  • Austropersonal-
  • derStellenmarkt - Job Market
    Fasangasse 511030 Wien,
    Tel +43/(0)1/718 02 00-0
    Fax +43/(0)1/718 02 00-20

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