Teaching Jobs in Austria

With developing market economy teaching jobs in Austria are becoming very aspiring. The education structure of Austria is divided into pre-higher education system and higher education system. Universities in Austria caters to higher education. Austria offers a lot of teaching jobs in various levels as well as various freelance and part time positions also. Get the general idea and the basic structure of teaching jobs in Austria given below:

Teaching posts- there are numbers of teaching positions in different subjects like English History,Economics, Arts, Science,Physical education etc are available in Austria through out the academic year in schools and universities. Never the less there are various part time and internship positions in teaching are also available.

Work experiences- totally dependent on the authority and the position applied for, but a minimum of 1-2 years of experience in relevant field for both the education system.

Qualifications- if you are applying for university level minimum of master degree or PhD. For pre higher education a university degree with a good knowledge of general and business English apart from the local or official language. certificate in TEFL and TOSEL,if you opt for teaching specially in English.

Working hour- as per the school/university timings normally from 8 hours per day.

Pay scale- based on skills, language and experience of the applicant. The annual salary of a teacher in school level may amounts to $ 26,000.00.

Language Requirements-normal German and English.

Other skills- have to be flexible, sense of humour and must enjoy teaching young students.

There are special training colleges for training kindergarten teachers while, teachers of primary and special schools have to teach across the curriculum, general secondary and pre-vocational teachers have to qualify in two or three different teaching subjects and graduates receive a certificate or diploma in teaching.

Teaching jobs in Austria are becoming very prospective year by year and with a diligent student body its surely becoming a very wonderful experience.

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