Biotech Jobs

Biotech is an emerging career and is commonly referred to as the amalgamation of life sciences and technology. With the career taking a new turn and an increasing number of students enrolling for the same, you will find a number of biotech job†opportunities†popping up and companies showing †interest in hiring candidates from the same background.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria usually vary from one job profile to the other. For instance, if a company is recruiting candidates for the position of geneticists, then those with a PhD degree in biotech will be usually preferred. Besides, there are companies which look for candidates with a background in biomedical engineering for an entry-level job. Science graduates and postgraduates as well as those with a registered nurse training can apply for job profiles like clinical research coordinators. Biotech companies also recruit candidates from the agriculture background. Hence,†if you have completed your bachelorís degree in agriculture then you can look for job positions like plant breeder associate. For senior positions in the same domain you need to have a doctoral degree or masterís degree in agriculture. Besides, those with an advanced training in agriculture can also apply for the same. Those with less education say below the graduate level or with a high school diploma degree can look for opportunities in the biotech production domain.

Relevant Course

†To get through a job in the Biotech sector ,you can take up courses in the following domains:
  • Genetic Science
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Clinical Research
  • Plant Breeding
  • Animal Research
  • Product Development

Growth Prospects

Biotech is a growing domain which includes everything starting from drug manufacturing, health services and extending up to agricultural services. However, when talking about employment growth prospects, you will find some fluctuations in the salary bar of the employees working in this sector. On an average, a biotech employee holding a doctoral degree earns approximately $91,000 in a year. On the other hand, the annual earnings of a biotech scientist is somewhere around $72,000 while the earnings of production workers and technicians are comparatively less.†

Across the globe, biotech companies essentially concentrate on research as most of them are still on the verge of developing their initial products. These companies aim at expanding their sales and marketing forces whenever any of their products is closed to FDA approval.

Current Job Market in the Domestic and Global Front

The global biotech job market in 2012 is anticipated to grow by 8.3% (approximately) and may attain a level of $875 billion USD. In India, the biotech sector is expected to enjoy an annual turnover of INR 224.13 billion . On the other hand, as of now, there are 1466 biotech companies in US with a total of 200,000 employees and expects to grow further by the mid of next year. Considering the present job market, it can be said that the small scale biotech companies usually seek alliances with the giants thereby narrowing down the job prospects of non-scientists in the this sector. To be more specific, corporate giants usually recruit highly qualified candidates, as a result of which, those with not an impressive profile often fail to get the attention of a brand.

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