Jobs in Brazil

Getting Brazil jobs is as easy as exploring her stunning beaches. Renowned as the world’s leading manufacturer of sugarcane and coffee, Brazil has highly-developed industrial, service, manufacturing, agricultural and mining sectors. Every year tourists from around the world plan their vacations to Brazil leading to generation of Brazil tourism jobs. With increasing level of development in various sectors, job opportunities in Brazil have incurred a considerable growth in the last decade.

Every year employees are hired on a large scale for enhancing the production of the flourishing sectors; thereby minifying the unemployment rate. The diversified service sector plays a major role in augmenting Brazil jobs. However, the present scenario of Brazil shows the tremendous growth in the technology sector like web design, computer science, electronic engineering and so forth.

The Brazilian government, for increasing the country’s GDP rate, is welcoming skillful and knowledgeable executives from across the globe and offering lucrative and prosperous Brazil jobs. There are numerous publications, websites, recruitment agencies and other resources for helping the expatriates to get a suitable job. To make a global career and for capitalizing on the jobs, immigrants are flocking to Brazil largely in the recent times.

Brazil offers ample job opportunities in the Information Technology or computer jobs sector. The posts offered for the IT jobs in Brazil are Technical
Writer, .Net Developer, Web Designer, Database Administrator, SAP Practice Manager and many others. The minimum criteria for the computer jobs in Brazil is an engineering degree in IT or Computer Applications. A Master's Degree is an added advantage. The aspirants for IT jobs in Brazil must have 3-5 years of experience in the same field. If you are trying for senior posts then 6-8 years of experience is the minimum criteria. The applicants for the post of SAP Practice Manager must be a SAP professional with proficiency in SAP HR module and SAP implementation. A Customer Support Engineer should posses excellent technical skills and CCIE certification is a must. The salary for IT jobs in Brazil is based on the IT job profile and experience of the candidate.

Brazil houses variant jobs in the leading sectors. Some of the types of job offers in Brazil are Research Group Leader, Senior Sales Manager, Project Manager, Planning Management Engineer, Reactor Building Engineer, Steel Structure Engineer, Construction Technical Method Engineer, Market Research Analyst, Tax Analyst, Regional Chief Operating Officer, Senior Internal Auditor, Retail Cashier etc.

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