Jobs in British Columbia

British Columbia is one of the most progressive provinces of Canada. The capital of the province is Victoria , while Vancouver is the largest city of British Columbia. The economy of British Columbia has faced many ups and downs in the past and now has become steady in the present era. Presently unemployment rate in the province is very low and is about 4.5%. There are numerous jobs in the province as new sectors are coming up with multiple vacancies. However the chief revenue of British Columbia was dominated by forestry and mining in the preceding years. But the province is becoming a major center for jobs in various sectors. The promising areas for jobs in British Columbia are tourism , nursing and healthcare and teaching. For more information on jobs in British Columbia please don't go away and continue your reading.

British Columbia is the westernmost province in Canada. It is bordered by the sturdy and impressive Pacific coast to the west and on the northwest by the U.S. state of Alaska. The province has spectacular scenic beauty and is known as Canada's Outdoor playground . This is because most of the adventurous sports such as river rafting and skiing are performed here. As a result British Columbia has become the haven of tourists . For this reason the travel and tourism sector has experienced a boom over the years. Several word class hotels have been inaugurated in British Columbia to provide comfort to the tourists who come from all over the world. This has paved a way for tourism jobs in British Columbia. If you have any working experience in the tourism sector and have the requisite qualifications you can apply for tourism jobs in British Columbia. Situations for other jobs are also very ripe in British Columbia .

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