HR Policies in Canada

HR policies in Canada in recent years have been aiming towards a sustainable growth of employment opportunities. Emphasis has been on creating flexible guidelines that can meet the growing needs of employment in the sector. HR policies in Canada are framed separately across provinces. However, there are certain common noticeable patterns in the structuring of guidelines. Individual corporate agencies, firms and industries also shape their HR rules in accordance with the national labor laws of the country. Given below is certain general information which will help you get a comprehensive understanding of the HR policies in Canada:

Recruitment policies: Continuous upgradation of recruitment patterns is emphasized upon. It is the priority of every employer to make the recruitment system fully accessible to job seekers; however, in some cases special attention is needed. Mutual exchange of ideas between employers and employees is growing in practice to make the recruitment procedure more rational. Often jobs are modified to fit a deserving candidate so that he or she can perform at best. Maintaining a favorable environment at the workplace is also top priority. Eligibility of a candidate for a specific position is given top priority. Three months probationary period is maintained.

Termination policy: Reasons for termination by the employer varies among provinces and jurisdictions. In both cases of resignation and termination a one month’s notice has to be served. The notice has to clearly state the reason for termination or resignation.

Benefits: Pension Plan and Insurance for employees are given. These benefits are sponsored by the Canadian government. Leaves and Vacations generally include all national holidays and, allotted health and personal leaves. In addition to these, employers often give employees added benefits like disability insurance (both long and short term), health insurance, pension plans, etc.

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