Management Jobs In Canada

People pursuing their careers in management often believe Canada to be the ideal place to work in. Some of the biggest companies offering an attractive package have their offices in Canada. Management jobs in Canada are abundant and the stakes are very high. Around 200-300 new management jobs are added every year. Management jobs in Canada offer you the best career growth opportunity along with valuable work experience. The following details will help you gain a clearer perspective on management jobs in Canada.

Posts Offered: Various positions are on offer round the year. These include Business Development Manager, Banking Services Manager, Project Managers, Regional Managers, Audit Managers, Sales Manager, Production Supervisors, IT outsourcing manager, Management Trainees, Service Manager, Consultants, Business Analysts, Deployment Manager, Marketing Director, Operations Manager and many more.

Qualifications: For general posts like Sales or bar manager, a Graduate Degree along with relevant work experience is usually sought after. For higher/executive posts a Degree in Management including specialization in related fields like marketing, audit or finance is necessary.

Work Experience: Usually depending on the type of post offered experience can range between 3 to 7 years.

Working Hours: Almost all the jobs require working hours to be around 40 hours/week. In some cases weekend working hours are also required.

Pay scale: Salary for management centered jobs differs according to seniority. However, to put on a general scale, salaries range from a lowest of $ 25,000 per annum to $ 70,000 (approx.) per annum. Allowances, fringe benefits and perks are also included.

In all, management jobs in Canada offer you a lucrative career along with a very efficient working environment. Wish you all the luck for a bright career ahead.

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