Teaching Jobs in Canada

The education system in Canada is divided among its provinces. Each province has its own independent rules and regulations assigned for respective schools, staff and curriculum.

In order to apply for teaching jobs in Canada, it is advisable to select a province first and then search for jobs. Many schools also operate under religious, ethnic and private jurisdictions. For jobs in these schools, one has to send a direct application to the respective jurisdiction.

Jobs in post-secondary education are registered under Boards of Governors. Given the unique system of education, teaching jobs in Canada promise you a different kind of experience. However, there are certain general requirements which are similar in all provinces:

Qualification: A University Degree in any academic or professional discipline is compulsory. Teaching Education must contain a year or two of professional studies. For job applicants in Canada, a minimum of High School followed by four years of post- secondary education is compulsory.

Other Skills: Fluency in English or in some cases French is also required. Apart from that professional attributes like sincerity, level of interest in the job, organizing and participatory skills and the likes are also emphasized upon.

Work Experience: Usually work experience ranges between a minimum of 0-2 years. For professional or vocational studies experienced candidates are preferred.

Working Hours: During an academic period, working hour for a teacher (instruction plus extra time) ranges around 35 hours per week (approx.). On a daily basis, class hours are about 4 hours per day.

Pay Scale: Pay scale depends on years of post secondary education and work experience. Starting salary ranges $ 34, 000 (min.) to $72, 000 (max.). For administrative responsibilities teachers are often paid an extra allowance.

For every teaching job in Canada, teachers have to sign a formal contract with the respective school board in most provinces. Contract period is kept indefinite till terminated either by board or the teacher.

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