Jobs in Chile

The economy of Chile is comparatively stable. Jobs in Chile has also started to grow at a significant rate over the last few years.

The economic factor of Chile is mostly driven by the export of country’s ample mineral resources, followed by forests, fisheries, factories and agriculture. Jobs in Chile are displaying strong growth and development. Chilean wine, fruit and fish also enjoy a word wide demand.

Copper, timber and iron ore are some of the natural resources of Chile. Japan, China, South-Korea, Netherlands, Brazil, Italy, and Mexico are some of significant export partner of Chile. Grapes, pears, apples, wheat, corns etc. are some of the agricultural products of Chile.

Fruits and vegetables production and processing is one of the leading industries of Chile. The major industries of Chile are-
  • Copper
  • Minerals
  • Food stuff
  • Fish processing
  • Iron and Steel
  • Cement
  • Wood/wood products
  • Transport equipment
  • Textiles.

Paper and pulp, chemicals, wine, fish and fruit are some of the export commodities of Chile. Jobs in Chile have also increased tremendously over the number of years. This helps Chile to climb up in the global scenario.

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