Teaching jobs in Chile

With its qualitative educational structure, teaching jobs in Chile are getting very popular day by day. The educational structure of Chile is divided into, pre higher education and higher education. The duration of compulsory education is from age 6-14. The school system is structured as basic, academy, secondary and technical secondary.

Higher education consists of university, professional institute and technical training. If you are looking forward to teach in Chile, it is recommended that you must have a certificate in TESL/TEFL.

Owing to the development in economy and education among masses, teaching jobs in Chile have increased rapidly. It is needless to say that a number of teaching opportunities exists in the educational structure of Chile.

If you are opting for a teaching career in Chile, then following guideline will help you get some useful information on teaching jobs in Chile:

Posts offered- different teaching positions are available in different subjects, like-
  • Primary teacher.
  • Computer teacher.
  • Maths teacher.
  • History teacher.
  • Science teacher.
  • Principal.
  • Head teacher.
  • Teaching English to corporate clients.
  • Lecturer
  • Reader
  • Dean
  • Professor
  • And many more.

Work experience- Dependent on the type of position and school authority. Fresher(s) are sometimes entertained for the basic or lower teaching positions only. For a higher teaching positions maximum of 3-4 years of prior experience in teaching.

Qualifications- For school level, a certificate in teaching, university degree, TEFL/TESL, for English teaching. Masterís degree, post doctorate, PhD for teaching in university level. RSA diploma etc.

Working hour- As per the timing and schedule of schools and colleges. Normally it is 40 hours per week.

Pay scale-as per the qualification and working experience of the applicant. An TEFL English teacher can earn $1.300 per month with other benefits. Bonus on good performance.

Language required- Very good in German, English, Spanish.

Other skills-
  • Develop and implement new learning methods.
  • Must enjoy teaching young students.
  • Must be highly committed.
  • Must be flexible.
  • Must be responsible.
  • Caring.
  • Must be friendly
  • Ability to understand youth behavior.

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