Management Jobs in China

There is an abundance of management jobs in China these days. A number of Multinational Companies from U.S.A and Australia are outsourcing their production activities in China. Mainly IT and consulting firms are in operation. Also, a host of national industries and corporate houses are seeking professional management graduates for various vacancies. For more general details on Management jobs in China please check below:

QUALIFICATIONS: Graduate/Master degree in Management, along with specializations in Finance, Business Development, Consulting, HR and Marketing are required.

POSTS OFFERED: Senior Business Development Manager, Corporate Development Manager, HR Country Development Manager, Purchasing Manager,

Engineering Manager, Banking Finance, HR tour leaders.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Depending on the posts offered. Minimum 1 to 5 years experience.

OTHER REQUIREMENTS: Excellent knowledge of the Chinese Market and Business procedures. Employees seeking full time job are preferred.

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