Nursing Jobs in China

Nursing is the most preferred profession, particularly for Chinese women. Nursing education in China is also regarded as one of the best in the world. There are a lot of openings for nursing jobs in China. Also, foreign nursing professionals are being called by many private hospitals these days because of the need to have staffs proficient in English, in order to deal with patients of foreign origin. General details for job requirements in nursing jobs in China are given below:

NURSING POSTS OFFERED: Hospital Nurse, Public Health Nurse, Private Duty Nurse, Office Nurse, Industrial Nurse, Nursing Home Nurse, and Health Nurse.

QUALIFICATIONS: Basic training for Nursing from any reputed Nursing Training Centre is required. Apart from that professional registration is also required. Language Proficiency in both Mandarin and English is required.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Work experience is very essential for finding a nursing job in China. 1 to 5 years of experience is required. Internationally

experienced nurses are also preferred.

WORKING HOURS: Given the unpredictable on job requirements for this profession, working hours for nurses are not specified by the many hospitals, nursing homes and medical centers.

PAY SCALE: Pay scale depends on work experience, hospital standards. Not specified by any organization.

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