Teaching Jobs in China

There is an abundance of teaching jobs in China these days. In addition to various disciplines there is a growing demand for English teachers in China. Apart from that lecturers and professors in other disciplines are also required by many Universities in China. Get a general idea on the basic requirements, working hours and pay scale offered by the educational institutes for teaching jobs in China here.

Types of teaching Jobs in China

1) Kindergarten
Qualification: TOEFL certificate holder is preferred by most of the kindergarten schools in China.
Experience: Not specified by employers. Generally, it ranges between 0-3 years for natives and 1-5 years for foreign nationals.
Working Hours: Teaching Hours in a kindergarten generally ranges from 18-20 hours/week.
Pay Scale: One of the highest pay scales in the teaching industry, around 150 RMB/hour (approx.) for foreign nationals.

2) High School/Boarding Schools
Qualification: Teaching in a high school or boarding school in China requires a Graduate Degree + TEFL certificate.
Experience: A minimum experience of 2-3 years is required along with an ESL certificate.
Working Hours: One might have to work on weekends and Sundays in Boarding schools.
Pay Scale: Pay scale ranges from 7000-8000RMB/month (approx).

3) Foreign language institutes/Colleges ( applicable to all disciplines)

Qualification: Bachelorís Degree
Experience: Around 3 to 5 years
Working Hours: Working hours range around 16-18 hours per week.
Pay Scale: Salary in these institutes/colleges ranges around 4000-5000 RMB per month (approx.).

4) University (applicable to all disciplines)
Qualification: One needs to hold a doctorate in the respective degree along with an additional degree in the specific discipline.
Experience: A minimum of 5 years experience is required along with excellent language skills in English.
Working Hours: full time jobs are offered without specifying any exact time limit.
Pay Scale: There is no specific information available.

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