Jobs in Columbia

Columbia is also known as the Republic of Columbia and is situated in the north western part of South America. Columbian economy has always experienced a steady growth but in the year 1999 suddenly the country went through recession. This halted the growth of the economy and coming out of that recession was very painful and difficult. But now as the country has come out of that situation, things are improving

The inflation rates have also decreased and is expected to remain below 5%. The stable economic situation in the country has led to the growth of jobs in Columbia. Presently there is a balance in trade levels and this has led to the revaluation of the Columbian peso. Moreover the present Columbian government has introduced the democratic security strategy which has given a boost to the economy of the country.

This can be judged by the fact that in the year 2003, Columbia had the highest GDP growth rate amongst all the Latin American countries. For all these reasons a large number of people are seeking jobs in Columbia.

Lack of skilled work force is a marked feature of the Columbian labor market. This is one of the reasons for which lot of foreigners with proper

skills and qualification can easily get jobs there. Previously the job market was full of oil related jobs as it is the major export product for Columbia. But now a large number of other fields are coming up and other industries are also coming up which is influencing the jobs in Columbia. For these new industries a large skilled and qualified work force is required and the government is trying to recruit a large number of people in different departments. The government is trying to improve the work culture and the pays and perks so that a large number of people are interested and attracted towards jobs in Columbia.

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