Hotel Jobs in Columbia

The Columbian hospitality industry has mainly developed due to the number of travelers that visit Columbia during the different festivals like the Cali Fair, the Flower Festival, the Iberoamerican Theatre Festival, the Barranquilla Festivals and the likes. Not only this, large number of people visit Columbia during the Christmas as well as during the Independence day celebrations of Columbia.

All these have given boost to the the hospitality industry and as a result given rise to a large number of hotel jobs in Columbia. Moreover excellent pays and perks have also made the hotel jobs in Columbia attractive to a large number of people.

Columbia has been picked up as one of the top 10 destinations by even Lonely Planet, a world travel publisher. According to the World Tourism Organization, Columbia received the third highest percentage of tourist arrivals in between 2000 and 2004. All these are the factors that led to the development of the hotel industry. All these led the government to formulate such policies so that the industry can develop further. As the government was trying its best to give a further boost to the industry, a large number of hotels were coming up in the country and therefore the hotel jobs in Columbia are presently increasing in number.

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Posts offered:
Director of Sales and Marketing
Director of food and beverage
Executive Housekeeper
Executive Chef
Front Desk Agent
Guest Relation Agent

For managerial positions a minimum Bachelorís Degree in Hotel Management/Human Resources/Business Management is required. For front desk and other related posts a graduate degree is required. For other entry level jobs no specific qualifications are mentioned. Communication skills in Spanish and English are a must.

Work Experience:
Work experience is not of much importance. It is considered as an added advantage. For international hotels in Columbia experience is given importance. Skilled and qualified job seekers can get jobs in Columbia. Efficient service on the part of the hotel and meaningful experience on the part of the customer is something that the hotels in Columbia believe in.

Working Hours:
Working hours are usually not specified. However, working hours depends on the type of job, in-house work requirements etc.

Pay Scale:
For managerial posts, the salary ranges around $80,00-$100,000 approximately and for other posts the salary is not mentioned.

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