HR Policies in Columbia

The HR policies in Columbia are formulated and controlled by the Human Resource Department of Columbia. It is located in the Municipal Building,600 East Broadway. Not only policies, it also controls the selection, hiring, promotion,training, development of the employees as well. The Human Resource Department of Columbia puts emphasis in the area of recruitment and retention of minorities as well as females. The department is making efforts to raise the morale of the employees and thereby retain the employees and provide them with upward mobility. All these makes the HR policies in Columbia interesting and different from that of the other countries.

Some of the important features of HR policies in Columbia are:

Recruitment Policies:
Different types of job positions are available in Columbia. They are-
  • Full-time permanent includes fringe benefit package
  • Part-time permanent includes partial fringe benefit package
  • Temporary employees may work up to 1500 hours per calendar year
  • Seasonal typically lasts through the summer months

The Human Resource Department of Columbia advertises the jobs as and when they are available. The HR department puts up advertisements about the jobs in the following places:
  • Columbia Daily Tribune (Sunday & Wednesday editions)
  • Mediacom Cable Channel 13 (City Channel)
  • Charter Cable Channel 2

In order to apply for jobs, completed applications along with the resumes must be submitted to the HR office within the stated deadline. Once the last date has passed, the applications are reviewed. Within 7 10 days the job seeker comes to know about his/her status regarding the job.

Recruitment for higher posts can take a long time. For temporary or seasonal jobs the application criteria are the same and the applications are reviewed by the hiring department. If not selected the applications are kept into files for one year. For clerical and typing tests the job seeker needs to have a prior appointment with the HR Department and for that he/she may dial the number-(573)874-7235. The test can take place on any day from Monday to Friday in between 8.00 am 3.30 pm

Termination Policies:

Employment can be terminated due to end of contractual period, long days of absence without notice or valid reason, negligence or misconduct in office etc. The employee can also terminate his/her services upon non payment of salary. Nothing is mentioned about the prior notice regarding termination of job.

Pension and benefits:
Nothing is mentioned about the pension plans. The following benefits are provided to the people working in Columbia:

1. Competitive salary schedule reviewed annually

2. Tax Deferred plans

3. Group Insurance benefits
  • Life Insurance
  • Medical and Dental coverage
  • Long-Term Disability coverage

4. Post Employment Benefits
  • Supplementary Pension Plan (Fire, Police)
  • Supplementary Pension Plan (LAGERS)
  • Post Employment Health Plan (PEHP)

5. Time off Provisions
  • Holidays
  • Floating Holidays
  • Vacation Leave
  • Sick Leave

6. Miscellaneous Benefits
  • Shift differential
  • Sick leave buyback program
  • Uniform allowance

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