Placement Consultants in Columbia

As a large number of foreign investors have started investing in Columbia, a large number of placement consultants in Columbia have come up. These placement consultants facilitate people with the information about a large number of jobs and help them getting these jobs. Not only this, the placement consultants in Columbia also help the concerned companies to get good employees. Earlier it was solely the responsibility of the Government to recruit people from different colleges and universities but now it has shared the responsibility with the placement consultancies.

All these placement consultants in Columbia look for qualified and skilled candidates by putting up advertisements in national and international newspapers as there is a lack of skilled labor in Columbia. The placement agencies not only recruit people but also help in market research, training, consulting etc.

Given below is a list of some of the top placement consultants in Columbia along with contact details:

R.K Culver Legal Search Group
4405 Hickory Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21211
Phone- (410)235-7171

The Mergis Group
9891 Broken Land Pkwy, Suite 401,
Columbia, MD 21046

Porter Group Inc
Columbia, MD 21044
Phone- (301)621-4081

Accountants Inc
8830 Stanford Boulevard #201, Columbia, MD 21201
Phone- (410) 872-9100

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