Teaching Jobs in Columbia

The education structure of Columbia has gone through recent changes especially in the curriculum. The Columbian education structure is different as compared to other countries. About 80% of the Columbian children join preschool until the age of 6 years and then join schools.

The school year in the capital city and in the other cities are different which are generally not found in any other country. In the capital city the school year is from February to November and for other cities it is from August to June. The net enrollment in the primary schools is about 86% which is again much higher as compared to other South American countries. As a result of this a large number of teaching jobs in Columbia have come up.

Not only this, teaching is one of the respected professions in the country and so a lot of people take up teaching jobs in Columbia. The educational structure of Columbia is divided into three divisions - the primary education, secondary education and higher education. The primary education is compulsory and free and children within 6-12 years of age go through this. Then starts the secondary education, at the completion of which the students are awarded with high school diploma. Finally comes the higher education or the university education. Literacy rate is as high as 93% in the urban areas whereas it is lesser in the rural areas. Religious education is also imparted through schools in Columbia.

Even language teachers find good jobs in Columbia. Teaching different languages is also a viable profession in Columbia. Though Spanish is the language of Columbia, English is the second most spoken language. Teachers proficient in teaching English are also in great demand in Columbia. As there are different levels in the education structure, a large number of teaching jobs in Columbia are available. In order to know more about the teaching jobs in Columbia, read the following:

Qualifications:For higher and technical education, the person must have a masters degree in that field. A post doctoral degree will be an added qualification. Nothing is stated specifically about the qualifications for teachers teaching in the primary schools. For language teachers, the person must have done a certification course in that particular language. For teaching jobs in Columbia, the concerned person must possess communication skills in English and Spanish.

Work Experience:Nothing is specified about the work experience required for the teaching jobs.

Working Hours:For language teaching 17 hours in a week is the required working hours. For others nothing is specified. Working hours depend on the working hours of the school, colleges and universities.

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