English Speaking Jobs in Dubai

Dubai over the past few decades has been emerging as the center for multinational organizations. It provides a perfect ground that blends business and commerce with its system of open market, zero tax and exchange controls, and no such policies that would hinder trade. Dubai seems to be stationed between Arab, Europe and the Asian countries. It is inter -connected with other regions via Sea as well as the Air plane routes. The main form of business activities centre around transportation, trade, tourism and consulting. In Dubai, the language of the region is Arabic, but English occupies equal rather greater importance as it is said to be the language for all commercial transactions. It is true English is gaining its importance by the day in Dubai. English is now a “must –know” for all those would want to settle down in the city. Since the language is so prevalent in the city, there are a vast number of English speaking jobs in Dubai.

According to Dr.Mick Randall, the Dean of the Faculty of Education at the British University in Dubai is of opinion that a transition has happened in Dubai from Arabic to English that can be commonly termed as Lingua Franca. The fast growing economies in Dubai and the allied states have depended outrageously on the emigrant labor to encourage proper development. This resulted in increasing the number of emigrants than the local people. This is very true pertaining to Dubai and UAE. This also resulted in the strange social linguistics implications thereby gaining as the lingua franca of the city. Similar cases had happened before in Singapore, where English replaced Malay language.

Understanding the need to propagate and encourage the growth of the language; to enable the young Emiratis for better, higher education, Dubai and the Abu Dhabi education sector has made it imperative to put greater emphasis on English not only as a language but also as a tool for instructions. Hence, with this comes a huge profile of English speaking jobs in Dubai. Some of them can be classified as the following:-
  • School Teacher/ Professor of English.
  • Call centre professional.
  • Front office executive
  • Executive working at the shopping mall.
  • Counselor

School Teacher/ Professor

Schools and colleges in Dubai, including the various technical and other institutions absorb several candidates as teachers and professors across various countries. To pursue a career in Dubai as a teacher or professor of English is indeed very enriching an experience. This gives an individual the chance to interact with other people, and exchange valuable information about one another.

University of Dubai

University of Dubai is a name by itself. Located at Al Maktoum Road it is the seat of all evolved quality applied learning, keeping at par with international standards. Also it provides adequate training and know-how on professional development lessons both to the government as well as private sector. An individual seeking a job post relevant to English language can apply here for the post of English teacher or professor. Candidates can seek employment opportunities where by they can only teach English as a language or can seek other alternatives like business administration, communicative English and the like. Few departments in which interested professionals and candidates seeking jobs in English can apply are:-
  • College of Business Administration – Provides training on professional, inter-personal and business skills.
  • College of Information Technology – Provides training on information and technology.
  • General Education Department- Deals in a broad category of subjects like English social sciences, humanities and the like
  • Centre for English as a Second Language – Provides training in order to maintain proper English levels.
Candidates applying for teaching jobs needs to have a strong and firm base in English. Experience always is preferable, but a good command over the language with sound communication skills is a must.

Call Centre Professional

With the IT/ITES boom round the world, the BPO sector has expanded leaps and bounds. CRM department is becoming exceedingly important. As this department helps the company to maintain organized feedbacks as well as ascertain other IT back end operations. Call centre or BPO or Customer care jobs are apt for the candidates seeking jobs in English. The main operations here are carried in English, as all business associates use that language. Candidates can choose from various profiles as to which profile they would opt for.


Du is a highly accomplished and structured telecommunications company in Dubai. The company being located at Dubai Media City building has developed its network far and wide and work towards delivering the best to its customers. Some of the BPO jobs that professionals as well freshers can apply are:-
  • Graduate Trainee – Commercial
  • Analyst MS/ Tracking and Measurement
  • Process Specialist
  • CRM Associate
Candidates applying to such profiles need to have a formal training in the selected fields as in house training is provided by the company. But they should have good English speaking and interpretation skills.

Front Office Executive

Contrary to popular belief, this profile seems to occupy great importance. As for any hotel or spa or boutique these professionals with their finesse in English speaking skills create an impression of the service they provide. Individuals who aspire to be in this field need to be presentable, with pleasant personality and also have a strong grip over the language. One needs to be a good speaker as well as a good listener. Since, English is the language that connects people across different countries in Dubai hence a Front Office Executive needs to be well versed in it.

Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts

Located at the Al Sufouh Road, it is considered as one of the most luxurious boutique hotels in Dubai. The company was founded in 1997 with the mission to become the leader in hospitality industry. Some of the English speaking jobs that the hotel offers in this domain and others are:-
  • Front Office Staff/ Receptionist
  • Guest Translator
  • Banquet Manager
  • Guest Relations Associate and Manager
  • Business Centre Professional
Executive working at Shopping Mall

One of the new and innovative scopes for English speaking jobs today are at the Malls. Malls are increasing in number, and they create a benchmark of the city’s fashion and lifestyle quotient. There are number of people who visit the malls from various countries, and their hospitality is of utmost concern for the mall. As that is where the success of the mall rests. From floor operations to customer care there are scopes for individuals seeking English speaking jobs.

The Dubai Mall

Located near the Emaar Square, the Dubai Mall is a landmark in the city. The mall is representative of the cities cosmopolitan culture and evolved lifestyle. The Mall is keen at employing candidates who are interested in English speaking jobs for various departments. The candidates need to be fluent in English and also possess drive and energy to work. Some of the job profile pertaining to the same are:-
  • Receptionist
  • Help Desk
  • Customer Care
  • Guest Relations
  • Enquiry and Feedback desk

Another important profile where candidates willing to seek assignments and projects or full time work, where English language has a firm grip are the profiles of a Counselor. A counselor is a person who is associated in interacting with a set of audience thereby striking up a conversation with regards to an agenda. Along with good English speaking skills good interpretation skills too are required here. Owing to the fact that it there would always remain a second person for interaction it is important that the counselor understands the nerve of the audience.

University old Dubai

Located at Al Maktoum Road, it is one of the most important names of Dubai with regards to education. There are provisions for several job profiles for candidates. But one of the enterprising job profiles is that of the Student Counselor. The role here is to counsel students on the courses and other allied issues of relevance. The requirement of a counselor is not very difficult. The candidate needs to be well versed in English. Any relevant experience shall act as a plus point. Also the counselor should be aware of the agenda and also updated about the organization and the concerned sector. He/ She should maintain a neutral stance thereby making the significant points well stated.

These are few of the profiles that serve for the English speaking jobs in Dubai. Apart from these other jobs for the same would be the English instructors, online tutors, voice and accent trainers, teacher for grooming and the like. Dubai at the present moment is a hub where all the sectors meet and diverge. Also with time it has started taking initiatives in training and consulting. Therefore unlike earlier times, Dubai not only absorbs skilled labor force but also takes initiative in giving them further training. Since, the workforce is a mixture of various cultures and communities across the world therefore English becomes the common language for communication. As a result there are today high scopes for English speaking jobs in Dubai.

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