Hotel Jobs in Dubai

Dubai is currently one of the top tourist destinations in the world. With tourist spots ranging from beautiful beaches to various man-made marvels, Dubai offers a lot to tourists of all tastes. It has a unique appeal that is hardly matched by any other tourist destinations of the world. It is this unique appeal that draws huge number of tourists from different parts of the world like India, China, Australia, U.S and various other European countries. The appeal of Dubai as a tourist destination is such that even the recession was not able to hold it back from flourishing. During that period also, the hotels of Dubai experienced 80% bookings. In fact, hotels in Dubai play a significant part in making it one of the best tourist destinations. The high demand of hotels in Dubai invariably opens up a lot of hotel jobs in Dubai as they are constantly looking to improve their services.

There are many reasons for Dubai to top the charts as a tourist destination. The exciting city is also known as the city of surprises. Truly, Dubai has a lot of pleasant surprises in the form of sun kissed beaches, nightclubs and shopping centers. Dubai is also one of the most preferred destinations for sports lovers as it hosts a series of sporting events in the form of Tennis championship, Dubai World Cup etc. The wide variety of tourist attractions in Dubai will never let a tourist lay in loneliness. Each moment in Dubai will have all the ingredients to make it a memorable experience for the tourists. In fact, the everlasting memory will be strong enough to draw those tourists back to Dubai several times.

The booming tourism sector of Dubai contributes a lot to its economy. There is also a high demand of hotel facilities in Dubai. The high demand is as a result of the high footfalls of tourists as well as business travelers as Dubai has also got considerable significance as a commercial hub. The high demand of hotel has prompted a number of leading hotel chains to build their presence. As a result, Dubai has some of the best hotels in the world. These hotels require a lot of human resource for operation. That ultimately results to a huge number of hotel jobs in Dubai.

Emaar Hospitality

Emaar Hospitality is an award winning group that owns a number of hotels in Dubai. The huge hotels of this group create a number of job openings in different departments of the hotel. Maintenance of various departments of the hotel also requires a good deal of expertise. As a result, the Emaar Hospitality recruits a number of cluster engineers to overlook the maintenance and repairs of the fittings, fixtures and technical improvements of the hotels. However, Emaar Hospitality mostly recruits candidates who have a considerable experience in the industry.

Emirates Hotel & Resorts, Dubai

Emirates Hotel & Resorts in Dubai is one of the most prominent names in the hotel industry of Dubai. Strategically located in the business quarter and only 3 kilometers away from the city center, the hotel has played a significant role in raising the standard of hotel industry in Dubai. The massive hotel has a huge number of staff. Each of those staff plays a significant role in making the hotel one of the best in the world. Moreover, the ever expanding hotel needs staff from time to time thus opening a huge opportunity for hotel jobs but bagging a job in this hotel needs some special quality.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Located in the Jumeirah Beach area of Dubai, the Jumeirah Beach Hotel is only 15 kilometers from the city centre. Most of the visitors get awestruck by the beauty of the hotel. It has got most of the luxury facilities that one can think of thus, providing supreme pleasure to the guests. The extravagant arrangements of the hotel will not only provide you a sense of luxury, the super luxury hotel is equally comfortable as well. The hotel staffs play a vital role in providing the feel of comfort to the guests. However, it seems that the hotel authority wants to improve its service furthermore as they recruit a huge number of staff every year to bridge the gap furthermore. As a result, the Jumeirah Beach Hotel creates huge number hotel jobs in Dubai. They recruit chefs, front desk manager, room service staffs very frequently to make it even better.

Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Burj Al Arab Dubai signifies a lot of things about Dubai. It not only signifies the Royal taste of Dubai but also reflects Dubai’s flourishing tourism industry. Soaring to a height of 321 meters, the particular hotel offers a different level of luxury, unmatched by any other hotels of the world. Starting from the superb décor of the hotel to the various services offered, Burj Al Arab offers ultimate luxury and comfort. The impressive service of the hotel just adds to the value. It is not only a landmark in terms of hotel industry but also an engineering marvel. Therefore, the maintenance of this hotel requires a great deal of expertise and man power. As a result, the hotel itself is like a big industry which creates a huge number of job openings in different sectors. Starting from top quality engineers to top quality chefs, the hotel is in a constant need of human resource from different sectors. However, these jobs require a great deal of experience as well as expertise. Hence, a work experience of the highest level along with a sound educational background is mandatory to bag these jobs at the Burj Al Arab, Dubai.

Park Hyatt, Dubai

Located only five minutes from the airport, the Park Hyatt, Dubai is a perfect instance of tranquil pleasure in the midst of an exciting surrounding. The hotel boasts a panoramic Arabian-meets-African design. Equipped with a number of luxury facilities that includes spa, the hotel is a dream experience for guests. The hotel has a large number of rooms and suits that require a high number of staffs to provide service. The huge hotel offers a number of job openings from time to time. It hires a lot of people for its hotel room operation, catering service and event management departments. However, each of those job openings demands a bright educational qualification and considerable work experience in the respective fields.

The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai

Located on the exotic Jumeriah Beach, the Ritz-Carlton hotel is a feather in Dubai’s cap. Providing you a true taste of Arabian hospitality, the particular hotel offers a number of luxury facilities. Nestled in the midst of spectacular natural beauty, the hotel is a great experience for each of the guests. The hotel offers a great career opportunity in different sectors of the hotel industry. The increasing demand of spa facilities makes the hotel recruit a lot of spa experts. It also hires a lot of chefs to meet the varying dining demands of guests. The recruitment though is carried out with proper assessment of the candidate’s profile. The candidates need to possess all those expertise that are required to deliver top quality service in a hotel industry.

JW Marriott Dubai

One of the most popular hotels, J W Mariott, Dubai is located just 10 minutes away from the Dubai International Airport. To meet the increasing demands the hotel has gone through several expansion plans, with the recent being the addition of 7 executive business suites. Known as the ‘hotel for foodies’, the hotel emphasizes a lot on its dining thus recruiting a lot of chefs and kitchen experts. With as many as 351 rooms, the hotel also creates lots of job opportunities for the smooth functioning of hotel room operations. The number of job opportunities created by the hotel may be high but it is not so easy to bag the job as it demands high quality education and work experience. Passing out from any of the premiere hotel management schools can help a lot.

These hotel jobs don’t provide a total picture of hotel industry of Dubai as it is far better than what it seems. The hotels discussed are one of the best hotels on Dubai. These hotels alone provide a lot of hotel jobs in Dubai but there are hundreds of other hotels alongside these. They also have a huge demand for candidates who can add to their value. Hotel industry alone creates the highest number of job opportunities compared to any other sector in Dubai. However, most of these lucrative hotel jobs in Dubai also demand a sound educational background and a considerable work experience. Having these qualities can truly help a candidate to bag one of these jobs.

With more and more leading hotel chains investing in Dubai and several others in the pipeline, very soon it will be raining hotel jobs in Dubai. Moreover, with the recession over and flourish of the overall tourism industry of the world, Dubai will experience a further flourish of its tourism industry thus creating more and more hotel jobs in Dubai.

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