HR Policies in Dubai

The popular urban and cosmopolitan destination today, to make one’s career, flourish and earn the moollahs that ensures the comforts and luxuries of the modern world, is none other than Dubai. With the heightened amount of urbanization and commercialization, the city has now become a dream destination for millions. More so because of the sophisticated urban lifestyle and the increased job opportunities that is present within the city. Hence, it is imperative that the HR Policies in Dubai plays an important part in retaining the existing workforce of the city while making other aspire towards it.

The HR Policies in Dubai, at present is more focused in strengthening the proportion of the national workers who belong to the private sector. As in Dubai, that’s the only sector which supports a huge number of emigrants to the local employees. The present HR policy has been formatted in order to focus on absorbing more local workforce than outstation candidates or professionals. This phenomenon has been coined as Emiratisation. This ensures that the local workforce is taken care by providing career opportunities with organizations. Post this comes the scopes for the outstation workforce.

The HR policy is also aimed at bringing about some radical changes in the work pattern and culture in Dubai. The workforce of Dubai over the years have developed a preference for opting for jobs in the government sector than the private sector due to the comforts and benefits that comes with the package. Hence, to put an end to this trend the UAE government made alterations in the labor laws and HR policies in Dubai, thereby making the jobs in the public sector more desirable. The aim for this strictly was to ensure that there should not be any stagnation in government jobs and at the same time private sector should gain its importance and visibility.

The HR policies in Dubai operate on certain principles that ensure the smooth functioning of the sectors and also to protect the workforce from any kind of professional imbalances. Hence the UAE government has structured its policies on certain grounds and aspects.

Work Time

The labor laws in Dubai thus have reinforced that weekly an individual needs to dedicate 48 hours professionally. Any issues pertaining to overtime or extra working time would be permissible strictly in the fields of security and hospitality, barring the other mainstream jobs. Apart from security and hospitality, if there are any issues pertaining to overtime then it needs to be approved the Labor Ministry itself.

Employment Policies

In order to cater to the needs of the inhabitants, the HR Policies in Dubai has made it compulsory for organizations to give the national job seekers first priority over others. This is followed by the Arab nations and after them would be the foreign candidates from abroad. This has made it easier to tap the private sector work opportunities. For the foreign residents a prior authorization from the Labor Ministry stands imperative. In addition to that, the Labor law comes with another scruple, in which it is extremely important to only absorb professionally those candidates who possess the required skills and qualifications for a concerned job profile. Along with it, the international enterprises have been asked to consider the national job seekers for a particular job. If only a national candidate proves otherwise then the foreign candidates would be considered.

Work Termination Policies

The rules pertaining to this department is akin to what is practiced by other organizations. Termination is enacted out with regards to an indistinct span of contract, the full disability or for the demise of an individual. It is also valid in case of any act of violation with regards to company specific rules, regulation and laws. At the time of appointment the laws of termination should be discussed and agreed upon mutually by both the employee and the employer.

Social Security and Pension Policies

The UAE government has made it imperative through the HR policies that only those individuals would be considered entitled to collect disability benefits and reimbursements, pension who has been contributing to the scheme on a regular basis. As per this law employees of the private sector would also gain the same set of social security profits that are received by the government sector. This is in compliance to the Emiritisation policy of Dubai, UAE. A huge amount of people in Dubai, almost to a count of a million receive different social welfare schemes like insurance, health insurance, life insurance, pension and the like.

Also, in the recent times the industry experts and the government officials mutually have welcomed the new and revised HR policies that would protect the rights of an employee in an organization

Mr. Jamal Naji, the honorable Director of Human Resource department of Health and Medical services, asserted that the HR laws would ascertain the rights of a worker with clarity. This law is aimed to cease and annihilate any kind of professional discrimination that might have existed with regards to wages or other factors at the workplace. The law further ensures that the employees would be entitled to promotions and increase in salaries after a certain span of time, could be the probation or a year after servicing the company

Also, under this new HR policy in Dubai there shall be better salary structure in action, and incentives. Altogether a revised and attractive pay structure has been ushered and encouraged by the government in Dubai. This is done keeping in mind the motivational factor for the employees and the working staffs. But as the market experts and also the analysts point out that this increase in the wages might result in the possibility of inflation.

According to Dr.Jameela Al Shaikh, the Director for Al Rasshidiya Primal Healthcare, the idea of salary increase is a motivational thought. But also steps should be taken and made sure that the prices for goods and services should not also increase at the same time. In that case, the cause for which the salary hike was enacted looses its impact.

Mr. Marwan Abdullah, The Head of the Building Inspection, working at Dubai Municipality also asserted his opinion on the salary increase policy. According to him, this policy would help the workforce in being able to cope up with the increased cost of living. The expenses of the everyday life are thus taken care of. Also, he asserted that the government sector officials should be inspired from this initiative and should be motivated to work with more vigor and efficiency.

This initiative balances out the income scales in all the government sectors, as compared to the other laws earlier in which some pockets of the government sector received a better pay package.

The Head of the Dubai Police Rehabilitation Center, Major Ahmad Al Saadi is of opinion that this revised scheme of salary increase is also beneficial for the officials in the police department specifically. As for a consistent period their salary structure was satiated and had no hopes of improvement otherwise. This certainly acts as an incentive.

The GCC leadership summit in Dubai was held to pay more attention to the labor market of the region. The summit also had created a platform where eminent entities from various walks of life had gathered to address the issues on labor relations, labor management, HR recruitment as well as management, work culture and practices, and the like. The issues related to health and safety concerns were also addressed.

Yaqoob Al Zarooni, Deputy CEO, Dubai Properties Group, one of the key speakers harbored specifically on the improvement of labor regionally specially with regards to the construction industry.

A survey by Mercer HR Consulting, named “Managing the UAE's HR Environment”, highlights that the emigrant workforce has risen by 6% last year. Also the daily allowances have had an increase by 20% and the MNC’s now give an average amount of 240 pounds per day as a part of executive expats on the small assignments in Dubai. Also the MNC’s are working towards providing adequate training to the work force, so that the workforce employed performs as per international standards.

With the passage of time Dubai is increasingly becoming an important hub for professionals be it the local or outstation workforce. It has already come in limelight in the global market. Owing to the fact that more and more people are aiming at Dubai as the commercial and professional centre it becomes extremely important to have a HR policy or laws in place. This should be done in order to safeguard the local work force as well as encourage the foreign workforce to come and experience a professional background here. Hence the new HR policy thus put forward by the UAE government encapsulates the following aspects:-
  • Employment Security
  • Sharing Information
  • Selective Hiring
  • Extensive training
  • High pay on company’s performance.
  • Self managed teams/ Effective Teamwork
  • Reduction on discrimination or status bias
With these grounds, the HR policies in Dubai are being modified and improvised on a regular time span to have an industrious and employee friendly working conditions.

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