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The capital of UAE, Dubai is growing by leaps and bounds. Being one of the financial centers of the world and one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world, Dubai has no dearth of job opportunities. As more and more large companies set up their offices in Dubai, number of management jobs in Dubai is also on the rise. Post-recession, the market scenario of Dubai is on the verge of taking-off but itís already raining job opportunities in Dubai. Dubai was always a bustling place but was hit by recession in the recent past. However, itís getting back to its shape very fast. There is a surge in the overall business activities of Dubai. The major companies are all set to invest in bigger volume to make up for the loss that they incurred during the economic downturn. As a result, most of the commercial sectors, be it hotel, be it consumer products or be it aviation, each of them is experiencing a surge in the business volume. This surge has prompted many companies to expand their operation to make the most of it. As a result, there is huge demand for human resource to overlook these business activities. A flurry of managerial posts is created to serve the demand thus presenting a huge opportunity for aspiring managers in Dubai.

Dubai is well equipped with a number of premiere Management schools in order to supply a talented pool of managers to serve the demand of the industry. These management schools provide world class training to the candidates so that they are able to handle any given market scenario. Thus, Dubai makes a great pool pf work force to deliver a best quality human resource. Some of those eminent management schools that are integral part of the process are as follows:

Hult International Business School, Dubai

Hult International Business School provides a comprehensive business education to students from different parts of the world. Founded in 1964, the school boasts a world class faculty and offers a number of courses like MBA and several others Master and Undergraduate Degrees to students. The renowned school ranks among the Financial Timesí top 100 business schools.

S P Jain Center of Management, Dubai

Equipped with a world class infrastructure, the S P Jain Center of Management strikes the right balance by providing state-of-the-art facilities along with the right training for students. The interactive guest lectures organized by the renowned business school proves to be great benefit for students during their professional life. Students of this school are well-trained to manage different market scenarios with considerable ease.

Warwick Business School, Dubai

Warsaw Business School in partnership Knowledge Horizon of United Arab Emirates, has played a vital role in promoting the Masters in Business Administration (MBA).it is a great move by both of the institution as together, they are able to provide a high quality education to train the students to build a successful career in management. It is one of the most sought after business schools in Dubai.

Emirates College for Management and Information Technology (ECMIT)

Located in Al Nahda Area II, Dubai, the Emirates College for Management & Information Technology (ECMIT), makes MBA affordable to students from variable backgrounds. It emphasizes a lot on practical knowledge to make the students aware of the ongoing market scenario. The college helps in creating a prosperous career for the students by creating a perfect physical and intellectual environment.

Dubai possesses many other renowned colleges like these. Students from these colleges are a prized catch for any company. Therefore, as soon as the students pass out from these institutions, they are absorbed by the renowned companies. Even if, the students donít get a job from their college, they need not worry at all as Dubai has lots of management jobs for fresher as well as experienced. Some of them are as follows:

Al reyami Electrical

Located in the Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al reyami Electrical is apart of a renowned architecture and interior designer firm of Dubai. The particular firm is involved in developing the electrical infrastructure in lot of huge projects. As a result, the electrical division of the company creates a large number of openings for General Managers and Branch Managers. They mostly hire people with at least 12-15 years of work experience in the relevant field. The company usually hires people with superior management skills and responsibility.

Gulf Personnel FZ LLC

The renowned company, Gulf Personnel FZ LLC is located in Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone. It mainly deals in construction and civil engineering. As a result of the flourishing real estate of Dubai, the company has lots of construction projects in hand. It is most likely to create a lot of job opportunities for General Managers as they require a number of able General Managers who can deliver quality projects within budget and time constraints. However, the company does a comprehensive quality check of the candidate before recruiting. They usually prefer managers who have at least 15 years of experience of working in the relevant field. Moreover, they also emphasizes on having a Bachelor degree in Technology and Engineering.

Exsurgo Ltd

Located in Oasis, Dubai, Exsurgo Ltd. owns one of the most popular theme parks in Dubai. The park is flocked by thousands of visitors throughout the year and the visitor count increases with every year. As a result, Exsurgo Ltd. carries on expansion very frequently. The ever growing park, both in terms of popularity and size, recruits a lot of general managers from time to time. Moreover, this company also offers a great salary structure alongside excellent benefits, which makes aspiring mangers as well as experienced managers interested. However, the company prefers to hire people with vast experience in the relevant field. Educations qualification like MBA degree is also required to bag the lucrative job in the company.

Amoria Bond

Amoria Bond is a familiar name in the engineering sector of the Gas and Oil industry. The company is renowned for providing excellent engineering services to the Power and Oil gas industries. The sphere of work for this company is ever increasing. As a result, they very often create job openings for management accountant. The job demands great responsibility as it is a mammoth task to head the accounts department of such a big company. However, they provide a high pay scale in return of that. Amoria Bond prefers candidate with experience in the relevant field along with a vivid knowledge about the Oil and Gas industry. They also prefer MBA to be a part of the educational qualifications of the candidates.

Gulf Construction Solutions

The Gulf Construction Solutions is a company that has the glory of building some renowned buildings in Dubai. They are still engaged in a lot of construction process that continues to elevate the companyís position in the construction market of Dubai. The ever expanding horizon of the work overlooked by the company creates a lot of job opportunities for engineers, managers etc. Commercial mangers are needed in plenty to overlook the smooth functioning of various project activities. The particular job demands a lot of managerial skill as a commercial manager needs to ensure optimum use of the companyís resource alongside coordinating the various departments to ensure a smooth work flow. However, Gulf Construction Solutions mostly recruits candidates with a considerable experience as a contracts manager, quantity surveyor or a construction manager.

Commercial Manager - Curtain Wall

Located in the business district of Dubai, Curtain Wall is one of the leaders in the facades and curtain wall industry. The company has the firepower to deliver some of the best products in this sector. That provides them a lot of business and the companyís business horizon keeps on increasing. As a result, the company creates lucrative job opportunities of commercial managers. However, they prefer candidates with considerable amount of experience

in the relevant industry. The commercial manager of Curtain Wall will be required to monitor projects, guide the team in order to deliver the best quality products and services. Interested candidates should have a Commercial Discipline HND or a BSc degree.

These are only a few job opportunities out of thousands of management jobs found in Dubai. The presence of ample management jobs in Dubai makes it a hotspot of managerial jobs. As Dubai steadily gets out of the effects of recession, the number of jobs will only increase in future. However, it is also clear that most of the top companies prefer experienced candidates though fresher also make breakthroughs if they possess extraordinary managerial skills. Moreover, a MBA degree is also a must for most job offers as they prefer a sound educational background so that the candidates have a preliminary knowledge about their job profile.

Thus, Management jobs in Dubai provide dream job opportunities to many candidates as they not only profile a great job profile but also offer a great salary structure. However, these lucrative offers come with a lot of responsibility as well. Therefore, before, recruiting a candidate, most of the companies do a lot of assessment of the candidateís skill.

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