Universities in Czech Republic

Czech Republic is a country located in Central Europe, southeast of Germany. Its climate is temperate with cool summers and cold, humid winters. It is a Parliamentary Democracy and its monetary unit is the Czech Koruna. The Czech Republic is one of the most stable and prosperous of the post-communist states in Europe. The level of literacy here is 99%. 
Czech universities are the sought after for their brilliant educational programs and attractive fields of study. Students from all over the world are willing to attain their higher education by enrolling in the university in Czech Republic. Study in the universities in Czech Republic is unlimited and free. But after age 26, the students don’t receive the student status from social services and state doesn’t pay for student’s health insurance while he/she studies. 
To sit for the entrance exams, students have to successfully finish high school education. To clear the Entrance exam to get an admission in the Universities in Czech Republic is not easy. The exam consists of a written test and an interview. The university students can enroll at three-year courses for a Bachelor's Degree or four courses for Master's Degree. Some of the most popular accredited degree programs in Czech universities are Bachelor's which is three-year course of study in which students get an elementary survey of highly specialized areas. Master's degree programs are two-year programs following bachelor's studies. Students gain a certain grade of specialization. There’s Masters of Business Administration degree course. Engineering courses are related to technical and economic fields. Medical studies get completed in six years. After the completion of the university study, students can continue specialization course in the doctoral programs. 

 Charles University, Prague
 Czech Technical University, Prague
  J. E. Purkyne University
 Liberec University of Technology
 Masaryk University
 Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry
  Palacky University  
 Palacky University Medical School
 Prague Institute of Chemical Technology
 Silesian University
  South Bohemia University
 Technical University of Brno
 University of Economics, Prague
 University of Education Hradec Kralove
  University of Ostrava
  University of Pardubice
  University of West Bohemia

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