Universities in Denmark

Denmark is a country located in Northern Europe on a peninsula north of Germany. It enjoys a temperate climate with overcast and wet winters and cool summers. It is a Constitutional Monarchy and its monetary unit is the Danish Krone. This thoroughly modern market economy features hi-tech agriculture, up-to-date small scale and corporate industry, extensive government welfare measures and a high standard of living. The rate of literacy in Denmark is 100%. 

Higher education in the universities in Denmark comprises Bachelor's Degree which is 3 years of study, the Candidatus Degree that is Master's Degree and the Ph.D. Degree which is normally 3 years' study after the Candidatus Degree. There are numerous universities established in Denmark. In addition, there are many independent colleges specializing in educating teachers. The Denmark universities offer a number of specialized courses in Engineering, IT, Education, Veterinary Medicine, Agriculture, Pharmacy or Business Studies. Doctoral Degree is awarded after 5-8 years of research. The Ministry of Education is responsible higher education. Higher education institutions are publicly financed and State-regulated. The Danish Evaluation Institute (EVA) is responsible for external quality assurance. 

 The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture
 Academy of Music, Esbjerg
  University of Southern Denmark
 Aarhus School of Architecture
 The Royal Academy of Music
 The National Film School of Denmark
  VIA University College 
 Carl Nielsen Academy of Music
 The Glass and Ceramics School on Bornholm
 Aalborg University
  Academy of Music, Aalborg
 Danish School of Media and Journalism
 University of Copenhagen
 IT University of Copenhagen
 The National Theater School of Denmark
  University of Aarhus
 The Rhythmic Music Conservatory 
 The Royal Danish Academy of Music
  Roskilde University
 Technical University of Denmark
 The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
 The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Conservation
 The Royal School of Library and Information Science

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