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France is a country located in the Western Europe between France and Spain. Its weather comprises of cool winters and mild summers. It is a Republic and one of the most prominent members of the EU. Its monetary unit is the Euro. France's leaders remain committed to Capitalistic system in which they maintain social equity. The economy thrives on a large corporate base, most modern transport system and a well-to-do market economy. It has a literacy level of 99%. France has a dual system for higher education: "Universités" and "Grandes Ecoles."
The public universities in France are named after the big cities. There are around thirteen universities that are labeled Paris. There are universities that have a more informal name usually the one of a personality or a particular place. France also hosts various branch colleges of foreign universities. 

In France, academic councils called académies supervise all the aspects of the University education in France. France Universities are answerable to their académie, and the académies to the Ministry of Education. Private universities in France are independent of the state and independent of the académies. Universities in France have attracted students from all over the world for quite some time. Universities of France are considered 'great universities' internationally. It offers degree courses in various disciplines. Given below is the complete list of Universities in France. You can click on the University of your choice and get all the information regarding the colleges, courses, prices, session timings, etc.

List of Universities in France

Artois University Master of Economics and Management Master of Biology Master of Law (LL.M) Master of Civil Engineering Master of Mathematics Master of Industrial Engineering Master of Physics Master of Network & Telecom Engineering Master of Chemistry Master of Electrical Engineering Université d'Artois 9 rue du Temple - BP 10665 62030 ARRAS CEDEX webmaster@univ-artois.fr Tél. 03 21 60 37 00
Blaise Pascal University Master of International Business Competitiveness
Master of Physics and Radiation Technology
Master of Intercultural Management Human Resources
Master of Technology for Medicine
Master of Microbiology: Genome, Ecology and Biotechnology
Master of Business Intelligence Software
Master of Compatibility Industrial Electronic Systems
Master of Food Science
Master of Mechatronics
Master of Translational Pharmacology
Université Blaise Pascal 34, avenue Carnot - BP 185 63006 CLERMONT-FERRAND cedex France Webmestre@univ-bpclermont.fr Tl. 04 73 40 63 63 (standard)
Cergy-Pontoise University LL.M. in Business & Taxation Law in English
Master’s degree in Maths, Physics and Informatics (MPIE)
Bachelor of Physics
Master’s degree of Sciences in Theoretical Physics and Applications
Master’s degree in Finance - International Program
LL.M. in Law & Business Ethics in English
Master’s degree in Economics and Finance
Bachelor’s degree in Science and Technology
Université de Cergy-Pontoise
Tour des Chênes, 3e étage
33, boulevard du Port
95011 Cergy-Pontoise cedex
Phone :             +33 1 34 25 67 43      
Fax : +33 1 34 25 62 93
Charles de Gaulle University - Lille III Master of Economics and Management Organizations
Economics (Ph.D)
Master of Mathematics Applied Computers to Humanities and Social
Mathematics (Ph.D)
Master in Health: Prevention, Rehabilitation, Social Integration
Computer Science and Communication (Ph.D)
Management Sciences (Ph.D)
Public Law (Ph.D)
Université Charles-de-Gaulle - Lille 3
Domaine universitaire du "Pont de Bois"
rue du Barreau - BP 60149
59653 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex
Claude Bernard University Lyon 1   Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1.
43 boulevard du 11 Novembre 1918
69622 Villeurbanne cedex
04 72 44 80 00
François Rabelais University Master of Computer Science
Master in Human Resources & Strategy
Master of Mechanics & Systems Design
Master in Urban & Regional Planning
Master in Business Intelligence
3 rue des Tanneurs
BP 4103
37041 TOURS Cedex 01
Téléphone :
Haute Alsace University   Haute Alsace University 
Mulhouse, France
Henri Poincaré University Master of Civil Engineering
Master of Mathematics
Master in Physical and Materials
Master in Chemistry and Molecular Physical Chemistry (JPC)
Master of Microbiology
Master in Health care Ethics and Forensic
Master in Computer Science
24-30 rue lionnois - BP 60120 
54 003 Nancy Cedex 
            33 (0)3 83 68 20 00      
Jean Monnet University   Jean Monnet University Lyon, France
Jean Moulin University Lyon 3 International MBA
LLM- European Business Law
LL.M- International and European Law
Jean Moulin University Lyon 3
Lyon, France
Jean-François Champollion University Center for Teaching and Research Master in Diagnostic of Environnement (DE)
Master in Diagnostic Physique of Optimisation (DPO)
Jean-François Champollion University Center for Teaching and Research
Albi, France
Joseph Fourier University Physics (M.Sc.)
Energetic and Engineering (M.Sc)
Biology (M.Sc)
Sport Health and Society (M.Sc)
Master in Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies
Computer and Mathematical Sciences (M.Sc)
Master of Science in Electronic, Electrotechnique & Automatic Tretment
Earth and Environmental Sciences (M.Sc)
Master of Science in Mathematics Informatics
Mechanics Energetic and Engineering (M.Sc)
621 Avenue Centrale 
Domaine Universitaire
            +33 (0)476 51 45 13      
Lille 2 University of Health and Law Masters in Medicine (Biology)
Masters in Science and Management Techniques for Sanitary and Social Organisations
Masters in Medicine and Sport - Medication Manufacture
Master of Law (LL.M)
Masters in Medicine and Sport - Medical Engineerin
Université Lille 2 Droit et Santé
42, rue Paul Duez
59000 Lille - France
Tél. :             +33 (0)3 20 96 43 43      
Fax : +33 (0)3 20 88 24 32
Lille University of Science and Technology Construction and Sustainable Development Vocational Route (M.Sc)
Master of Applied Mathematics
Automatic Control, Computer Engineering and Image (M.Sc)
Master of Infrastructure in Civil Engineering
Electrical Energy and Sustainable Development (M.Sc)
Master of Micro and Nanotechnology
Management Electrical Energy Networks (M.Sc)
Master of Management- Banking & Finance
Information Systems for Industry (M.Sc)
Master of Management- Organization, Management, Control
Master of Bio-Process and Plant Biotechnology
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Master of Environmental Geosciences
Master of Management- Marketing
Master of Health Safety Environment Quality
Master in Trades of Management
Master of Engineering and Architecture of Large Software Vocational route
Cité Scientifique 59655 
Villeneuve d'Ascq 
Tél.             +33 (0)      
Lumière University Lyon 2   Université Lumière Lyon 2
86 rue Pasteur
69007 Lyon
            +33 (0) 4 78 69 70 00      
Michel de Montaigne University Bordeaux 3   Michel de Montaigne
Domaine Universitaire
F33607 Pessac Cedex
Tél :             +33 (0)557 12 44 44      
Fax : +33 (0)557 12 44 90
Montesquieu University - Bordeaux IV Master of Management
Master of Economy and International Finance
Master of Accounting and Finance
Master of Applied Economics
Master of Legal Marketing & Sales
Master in Engineering Mathematics, Statistics and Economic
Université Montesquieu - Bordeaux IV
Avenue Léon Duguit
33608 Pessac Cedex - France
Tél. : 05 56 84 85 86 
Montpellier 2 University   Hérault, France
04 67 14 30 30 
Paris 12 Val de Marne University Master of Trade and International Affairs
Master of Clinical Research
Master of Commerce
Master of Surgical Sciences
Master in Banking and Financial Markets
Master of Biological Engineering Environment
Master of Accounting, Control and Audit
Master of Chemistry and Materials
Master of Business Law
Master of Computer Systems Security
Master of Public and Private Law
Master in Science and Environmental Engineering
Master of Financial Engineering
Master of Sciences Engineering
Master of Marketing and Sales
Master of Complex Systems, Information Technologies and Control (SCTIC)
Master of Information Systems and Decision Support
Master of Information Processing Systems, Distributed and Real Time (TISDTR)
61, avenue du Général de Gaulle 
94010 Créteil Cedex
Paris 13 University Master of Banking and Insurance
Master of Chemistry, Health Engineering, Biomaterials- Specialty Biomaterials
Master of Economics and Finance Speciality Banking, Finance-Risk Management
Master of Ethology Specialty Applied Ethology
Master of Law (LL.M)- Business Law
Master of Media & Networks and Applications
Master of Economics & Finance- Financial Engineering
Master of Physics and Applications Specialty Physics and Nanotechnology
Master of Management of Companies and Organizations Speciality Accounting, Control Audit
Master of Physics and Chemistry for Engineering
Master of Management of Companies and Organizations Specialty Management of Cultural Tourism
Master of Public Health Specialty Health and Safety
Master of Management of Companies and Organizations Speciality Marketing
Master of Sport Science Specialty Training: Biology, Nutrition, Health
Paris 8 University Master of Digital Communication, Project Management and Strategy
Master of Computers- Specialty: Technology Hypermedia
Master of Creative Industries: Media, Web Art
Master of Engineering and Cognition- Specialty: Technology and Disability
Master of Comparative Law Family
Master of Mathematics and Applications- Specialty: Pure Mathematics and Security of Information
Master of Business Law and Taxation
Ph.D. - Anthropology
Master of Health Law, Medical and Medico-Social
Ph.D - Architecture
Master of Trade and International Trade
Ph.D- Public Law
Master of Computers- Specialty: Manager IT Projects
Ph.D- Computer Science
Master of Computers- Embedded Computer Systems
Ph.D- Economics
Master of Computers - Computers and Humanities
Paris 8 University
Créteil, France
Paris Descartes University Master of Common Law and Comparative Law
Master of Science in Mathematics & Computer Science
Master of Public Law
Master of Science in Public Health
Master Law of Civil and Commercial
Master of Legal Sciences
Master of Biology led to Pharmacology and Toxicology
Master of Administration and Business Management
Master of Science in Genetics
Master of Human Resource Management in Organizations
Université Paris Descartes
12, rue de l’Ecole de Médecine
75270 Paris Cédex 06
            +33 1 40 46 16 16      
Paris Universitas Master of Social Science
Master of Life Sciences and Earth - Environment and Management of Biodiversity
Social Sciences (Ph.D)
Master of Life Sciences and Earth - Natural and Artificial Cognition
Physics (Ph.D)
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Master of Life Sciences and Earth- Signage Systems and Integrated Biology
Paris Universitas
Paris, France
Paris X University Nanterre Master of Law (LL.M)- Business Law
Economics (Ph.D)
Master of Law (LL.M)- General Public Law
Public Law (Ph.D)
Master of Management Sciences- Accounting, Control, Audit
Master of Mathematics and Computer- Specialty: Statistical and Computer Engineering of Finance, Insurance and Risk (ISIFAR)
Master of Management Sciences- Financial Management
Master in Sciences Engineering- Electronic Systems and Embedded Communications
Master of Management Sciences- General Management
Master of Sport Science and Human Movement - Specialty: Motor Control
Master of Management Sciences- International Operational Marketing
Neuroscience (Ph.D)
Master of Political Science - Risk Management
Computers (Ph.D)
Management Sciences (Ph.D)
Paris X University Nanterre
Versailles, France

Top Universities in France 

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