Universities in Germany

Germany is a country located in Central Europe, between Netherlands and Germany. Its climate is temperate and marine. It is a Federal Republic and its monetary unit is the Euro. As Europe's largest economy and most populous nation, Germany is a key member of the EU. Its economy is affluent and technologically powerful – the fifth largest in the world. It has a literacy level of 99%. 
To take admission in the German university, students are required to take the Abitur examination. Even the diploma holder can apply from a vocational school can also apply for the university admission. Germany is famous for its history of a strong educational system. Universities in Germany are a part of the Free State Education System. Due to which there are a few private universities and colleges. In the universities of Germany, students choose their own program of study. And research students choose their own subjects for research and teaching. Students have the liberty to change universities as per their own interests. Students can even attend two, three or more different universities in the course of their studies. In German universities students have freedom and individuality. 

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