Universities in Italy

Italy is a country located in Southern Europe, a peninsula extending into the Mediterranean Sea. Its climate is predominantly Mediterranean – Alpine in far north and hot and dry in the south. It is a Republic and its monetary unit is the Euro. Italy has a diversified industrial economy, with roughly the same output and per capita as France and the UK. It has a literacy level of 98.6%. 
University education in Italy is highly specialized and competitive. While pursuing higher studies in universities of Italy, students have to concentrate on one subject throughout their degree program. Therefore, the academic major system doesn’t apply. Several Italy universities offer undergraduate courses with specialization in a different sector. The most preferred subjects in are Law, Engineering, Humanities, Architecture, Economics, Pharmacy, Biomedicine, Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, Physics and Mathematics and Political Science. 
Most of the universities in Italy are public, and named after the city or region in which they are located. Small number of privately funded universities is accredited by the state. Italian universities follow the guidelines of the Bologna Process. The two types of most commonly available programs are: the "Laurea" and "Laurea Specialistica." Laurea is equivalent to a bachelor's degree and is of 3 years of duration. The Laurea Specialistica is equivalent to a master's degree and of 3+2 years.

Italy has:
  • 42 state universities,
  • 6 private universities,
  • 3 technical universities and
  • 12 specialized university institutes.

Each university provides 4 main courses:
  • Diploma universitario (university diploma)
  • Diploma di Laurea (Bachelor of Arts/Science)
  • Dottorato di Ricerca (research doctorate)
  • Diploma di Specializzazione (diploma of specialization).

Given below is the complete list of Universities in Italy. You can click on the University of your choice and get all the information regarding the colleges, courses, prices, session timings, etc.

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