Universities in Netherlands

Netherlands is a country is a gateway of Europe, located in Western Europe, between Netherlands and Germany. It enjoys a temperate and marine climate. It is a Constitutional Monarchy and its monetary unit is the Euro. It has a prosperous and open economy which depends heavily on foreign trade. The economy is noted for its stable industrial relations, low unemployment and inflation and its important role as the European transportation hub. Its literacy level is 99%. 
There are 13 universities of Netherlands that train students for the independent practice of science. Each university of Netherlands differs in the program they offer. 9 universities offer education in a broad range of fields and 3 universities specializes in engineering, and one specializes in agriculture. The basic courses of the first year in the universities of Netherlands are known as the procedure. It provides a general introduction to the chosen field and lays the foundation for the increasingly specialized subsequent years. The one degree before the doctorate is the doctoraal. Graduates of a doctoraal programme may use the title doctorandus (drs), ingenieur (ir) or meester (mr). ‘Ir’ is the title in engineering and agriculture, ‘mr’ is the title in law, and ‘drs’ is used in all other fields. 


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