Universities in NewZealand

New Zealand is a country located in Oceania, southeast of Australia. It enjoys a temperate climate with sharp regional contrasts. It is a Parliamentary Democracy and its monetary unit is the New Zealand Dollar. Today New Zealand is a fairly industrialized free market economy, that can compete globally. Its growth in the recent times has boosted real incomes and deepened the technological capabilities of its industrial sector. Its level of literacy is 99%. 
Degree program from New Zealand universities are recognized internationally by all leading universities. Eight universities of New Zealand are a part of the international university community. They offer post-graduate, graduate and under-graduate degree programs. The quality of a New Zealand university education is well recognized internationally. 
State owned universities are set up by the Government and approved by the Minister of Education. They are government funded and market responsive institutions that offer program of study and research in demand by both domestic and international students. 
Various New Zealand universities have achieved international recognition. There are eight government-funded universities in New Zealand that provides undergraduate and postgraduate degree program and even foundation program. Each university of New Zealand has its own specialized courses.

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