Universities in Poland

Poland is a country located in Central Europe, east of Germany. Its climate is temperate, with cold and moderately severe winters and mild summers. It is a republic and its monetary unit is the Polish Zloty. Poland has steadfastly followed the policy of economic liberalization and today it stands out as a success story among transition economies. The rate of literacy in Poland is 99.8% 
The first Polish university was created in 1364 in Cracow. In 1826 the first technical university was established in Warsaw. Now it is the largest technical university in Poland. There’s opening of new universities in the major cities. Poland has started setting up vocational and pedagogical schools and university branch campuses. Students from abroad are interested enrolling in private universities and colleges. The education of Poland has become easily accessible to young people from working-class families. Polish universities have the European Credit Transfer System. It is the quality assessment and accreditation program. Then there’s a credit-point system which is introduced for the particular specialization. 

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