Universities in Portugal

Portugal is a country located in Southwestern Europe, west of Spain. It has a maritime temperate climate; cool and rainy in the north and warm and dry in the south. It is a Parliamentary democracy and a member of the EU. Its monetary unit is the Euro. Over the period of a decade and a half, it ahs been a highly diversified economy, with the key areas of the economy being liberalized. The level of literacy in Portugal is 93%. 
Higher education in Portugal is provided in autonomous public universities, private universities and public or private polytechnic institutions. Higher education is the state-run educational establishment that is provided on a competitive basis. It is a system of numerus clausus enforced through a national database on student admissions. The university system in Portugal has a strong theoretical basis. Many universities in Portugal are organized by faculty (faculdade). Studies involved in Portugal universities are highly research-oriented. Degrees courses in fields of medicine, law, natural sciences, economics, psychology, engineering, technology, management, education, agriculture, sports, humanities or veterinary medicine are popular in the Portugal university institutions. 

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