Universities in Spain

Spain is a country located in Southwestern Europe bordering the Bay of Biscay and the Mediterranean Sea. Its climate is temperate with clear hot summers and cloudy cold winters. It is a Parliamentary Monarchy and a member of the EU. Its monetary unit is the Euro. Spain’s mixed capitalist economy supports a per capita GDP, which is, on an average, 80% of that of the leading western European economies. 
In the universities of Spain students can pursue a five-year or a six-year course of study in the liberal and professional programs. Although, the degrees offered by the escuelas is of a lower status than those given in the more traditional academic programs. Spain's universities have shown a rapid growth. University courses in Spain are structured in cycles. 
First cycle courses: These are 3-year terminal studies. When the first cycle finishes, students obtain a certificate which help students to study in the second cycle. Its duration is for 4 or 5 years. Passing in it gives the right to obtaining an academic degree (Licenciatura), architecture or engineering qualification. 

Second cycle courses: It provides access through the first university cycle. Students can posses a graduate, architect, engineer degree. 
Third cycle: They are the called Ph.D. It is the doctorate programs. The access to the third cycle in the Sweden University is regulated through the Doctorate Commission. * 
Granting universities in of Spain offers non regulated studies. It leads to an unofficial degree. 
Check out the list of Universities in Spain. Click on the University to gather relevant information regarding colleges, courses, session timings, etc.

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